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Friendship & relationships

Experiencing friendships and developing an understanding of their meaning is crucial to children and young people’s sense of security and inclusion both in school and at home. TES resources has plenty of material to support learning and development in this area, as shared by the teaching community. Topics covered in our collection include respecting difference and diversity, bullying and developing confidence and responsibility.


Assembly about friendship - KS1 & KS2

  • A colourful presentation for an engaging assembly and discussion on the meaning and importance of friendships.

Friendship recipes assembly

  • What makes a good friend? Assembly resource to get pupils thinking and encourage them to nominate outstanding friendships.

A magical friendship assembly

  • This friendship assembly includes colour, poetry and a story with a moral. It is suitable for year one and two.

Working together assembly

  • Pupils play with their friends with ease, now they can learn how to work together easily too.

Poem for PSHE - Friendship

  • This poem provides an excellent introduction to the theme of diversity in the classroom.

Planning & activities

Worksheets for PSHE themes

  • These planning sheets cover multiple themes such as social interaction and self-development - useful for KS1 and KS2 lessons.

PSHE scheme of work

  • Schemes for use on the topics of bullying, diversity, family and friendships.

Respecting difference and working together

  • Year seven lesson on working together and praise, includes lesson plan, PowerPoint script and worksheet.

Playground behaviour

  • These cards contain stories from four different children who are finding the playground a difficult place.

Who are you? Where are you from?

  • These interactive resources cover the theme of ‘strength in diversity’ and other significant themes helpful to an exploration of friendship and social interactions. There are also links to global citizenship.


  • These resources from BeatBullying cover a number of themes relating to friendship, relationships and social interaction in school and online.

Friendship & peer pressure

  • This lesson plan looks at the many issues involved in friendship and what friendship really means to young people.

Primary cyberbullying assembly plan

  • This assembly looks at what cyberbullying is, how it can affect young people and what to do about it, including top tips.

Cyber comic lesson plan

  • Two 50 minute lesson plans around raising awareness of cyberbullying and how to combat it.

Faith-based bullying

  • A special lesson plan which addresses the rights of young people with special attention paid to religious beliefs.

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