TES collection Primary resource highlights

Primary classroom resource collections

Tried and tested resources for KS1 and KS2 shared on the TES site.



Story-Writing Cards

  • Ideas for characters, settings, beginnings, endings, vocabulary - great for a display to celebrate and to support children’s writing.

Word Search - Template to create your own

  • An interactive template to add your own words. Useful for high frequency words, spelling lists and topic words.

Start with a Character

  • An activity to create a character and add labels with descriptions, as a prelude to story-writing. Change the facial expression and discuss characters’ feelings at different points in the story.


Calculating with Arrays

  • A series of images to help pupils move from counting to calculating.

Function Machine

  • A fun machine for exploring number functions and estimating outcomes.

Pick and Mix

  • An interactive game to buy differently priced sweets, add up the total, then choose which coins to pay with.

Balancing Animals

  • Virtual balance scales for weighing non-standard units, to compare different masses and to introduce comparative language.

Design and technology

Moving Pictures

  • Aimed at Y1 pupils, the big task is to design and make a moving picture that tells a nursery rhyme or a simple story using paper, card, found pictures, found materials and paper fasteners.


How Far Away do you Live?

  • A two-part activity to collect and model information and then compare the data collected.


Minibeast Sorting Tree

  • Ask pupils to propose ‘yes/no’ questions, then sort various minibeasts using a branching tree diagram.


Marbles Timer - 2 minutes

  • An animation of a jar filling with marbles as 2 minutes is counted down.



Character/Setting/Dilemma Cards

  • Cards to stimulate ideas for writing stories and play scripts. Would also be a great drama tool for improvisation and role-play.

Animals and Birds Index cards

  • Skim read the information text to find key items of information, to support reading for a purpose. One of a series of TESiboard activities around British birds and animals.


Times tables - brighter, faster and correct!

  • A series of lessons which teach the commutative aspect of multiplication, including some quick assessment activities.

Beam Me Up - Multiplying

  • An engaging activity for quickfire multiplication games, using aliens. Great for a lesson starter.

Planet Fractions

  • A tool for teaching fractions, using spaceships and planets.


Gas Rocket lesson

  • Plans for a practical science lesson with a ‘wow’ factor!

Sorting Materials

  • An interactive Venn diagram to promote discussion of the properties of solids and liquids. It could be argued that some materials might belong to both categories.


Overseas Localities

  • A Geography lesson in which large picture dice are used to great effect, to stimulate questioning at the start of the topic.

Art and design

Art themes

  • Popular themes used to cover the art curriculum with details of related artists and works of art.


Ancient Greece - Murder Mystery

  • A mystery for pupils to solve, set in ancient Greece, using both video and paper evidence.

Victorian Timeline

  • Key events that shaped the Victorian era, with illustrations.


Mission Impossible timer

  • Musical motivation for students to complete a task within one minute, with an on-screen countdown.

10 seconds - Thinking on the Spot

  • 200 slides of puzzles to solve, with a timer, to improve thinking skills. It’s easily adaptable and ideal for the beginning or end of the day.

KS1 and KS2

Examples of cross-key stage primary resources, found under the TES category ‘Whole School’

EAL Toolkit

  • This Toolkit provides over 50 strategies for helping learners across the Key Stages who are learning English as an additional language.

Famous Black People

  • Biographies with illustrations to provide positive role models for pupils.

Peer Assessment Burger

  • A simple peer assessment sheet, similar to the ‘two stars and a wish’ template but with a humorous twist!