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Secondary PSHE - Resource Highlights

As we approach the end of the year it seems the ideal time to revisit some of the best resources that have made an appearance in the PSHE channel this year. These resources can be used all throughout the school year to discuss a range of interesting and engaging topics, raise pupil awareness and make them think about themselves and their classmates. Thank you to all the fantastic TES Contributors who have shared their excellent material and continue to do so.


  • Powerpoint about STI’s. Contains information about causes, symptoms along with graphic images.

HIV/AIDS intro lesson

  • A brief PowerPoint outlining key facts relating to HIV/AIDS

Challenge Booklet

  • A 35 page booklet of puzzles and problems to promote positive relationships between pupils.

Homophobic Bullying resource

  • Booklet of lessons that address homophobic bullying.

KS3/4 PSHE - What is Sexual Bullying?

  • Teenagers talk about sexual bullying in schools.

Equality and Diversity

  • Two secondary schools show differing approaches to STEM careers.

Discussion Toolkit

  • The toolkit guides you through a variety of activities you can use to structure and encourage discussion in the classroom.

No Smoking Day Powerpoint

  • A powerpoint presentation suitable for KS2 / KS3 for the National ‘No Smoking Day’ assembly - where the effects of smoking are explored, with interactive True/False statements.

Are You A Stinker

Healthy eating Top trumps

  • A set of Healthy eating Top Trumps, that I use as a starter in year 7, when discussing healthy food choices…..could be used by KS2/3

Grocery Store Wars

  • Best of green.tv -This intergalactic parody is set “not long ago in a supermarket not so far away”.

National Vegetarian Week Assembly

  • For National Vegetarian Week, an assembly exploring why some people choose to be vegetarian, and some of the myths about vegetarianism.

Work is a trap - Success or happiness

  • A young person uncertain about how to find work, interviews a range of people about their work – what they wanted to be and what they’ve ended up doing.


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