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Secondary RE Resources – Highlights

Some of the most popular, imaginative and well made resources that the RE section of TES Resources has to offer. With nearly 1500 resources to choose from everyone will find something to help spice up a scheme of work, or prepare for the ‘one-off’ OFSTED lesson. Thank you to all the contributors who have shared their fantastic lesson ideas and inspiration with the teaching community.

KS3/4 Citizenship - My World, My Democracy

  • Three inspiring stories from young people. A Teachers TV video. (KS3/4)

KS2/3 RE - Symbols and Symbolism

  • In this programme, pupils learn about symbols and symbolism in both religion and their own lives.

KS3 RE - Hindu Spiritual Pathways

  • In this programme, four young Hindus share their understanding of what their religion means to them.

The Mosque

  • A Key Stage 3 lesson about the features of a traditional mosque and Muslim prayer. The plan includes two short films that can be viewed or downloaded for free at: www.truetube.co.uk

Native American Haida symbols

  • For something a bit different. An array of resources introducing students to Native American symbols. Included are worksheets to help students design their own symbol, an introductory Power Point and a cool Top Trumps game! (KS2 and 3)

Holocaust Memorial Day Pt 1

  • This is the first of 4 pages of resources that helps anyone to deliver a truly memorable Holocaust Memorial Day.

EDEXCEL Unit 8 - revision booklet

  • This is a student friendly revision guide focusing on Christianity and Islam.

The importance of Jewish food laws

  • Used for an observed lesson for a group of mixed ability pupils. Classed as outstanding with a range of activities. Assessors loved the flow chart activity used with animal card sorting cards.

Martin Luther King

  • Lesson 2 of 3 that builds up to an assessment on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.


  • This is a powerpoint on the Synagogue with matching worksheet.

AS & A2 Ethics for AQA

  • Revision and powerpoints about various ethical theories that virtually writes a scheme of work for you.

Intro to Community Cohesion and prejudice

  • For Edexcel Religion and life: Community Cohesion Considers nature of British society and issues of prejudice and discrimination

The Ethicist

  • The Ethicist has 168 ethical questions covering all areas of the subject. Students select questions at random by clicking a button on the second slide. The Ethicist promises hours of ethical thinking around the biggest questions concerning morality.

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