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Reflections & Inspirations

A handpicked set of resources for inspiring reflective professional practice and stimulating creative ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.

Inspirational videos from Teachers TV

Inspirational pupils and colleagues

The Kids: frustrating or inspiring?

  • Presenter Peter Curran teases out some great stories from a group of top teachers about the pupils who’ve made the strongest impression on them, and from whom they’ve learnt the most.

The Kids: Part Two

  • Presenter Peter Curran elicits more great stories from a group of top teachers about the pupils who’ve had the biggest impact on them.

Colleagues: frustrating or inspiring?

  • Peter Curran chairs a group of teachers who recount tales, both inspirational and frustrating, of bosses and colleagues who have made a profound impression on their careers. Accounts are told of teachers who have overcome a poor appraisal and managed to go on to triumph in the classroom.

Gay teachers

  • This programme follows the lives of five inspirational gay teachers to find out how they cope with school.

Inspiring school improvement & leaderships

Ready for headship: Philomena Cozens

  • Jo Owen visits Philomena Cozens, an experienced deputy headteacher from St Clere’s School in Essex, to find out if she has what it takes to become a headteacher.

Ready for headship: Emma Penzer

  • Jo Owen visits Emma Penzer, an experienced deputy head at Woodberry Down Community Primary School in Hackney, to find out if she has what it takes to become a headteacher.

Leadership toolkit: Community cohesion

  • How four schools in east London are tackling their duty to promote community cohesion, and involving their local communities in different ways.

School improvement - Evelyn Primary

  • Evelyn Community Primary School in Prescot has focussed on pupil and staff as much as curriculum development as part of their improvement strategy.

Inspirational leadership in Brazil

  • Headteacher of Escola Maciel Pinheiro in north-east Brazil, Lucia de Sousa Periera, is a strong leader who instills respect in the school despite its situation in a bad neighbourhood.

Inspiring teaching practice

Building blogs

  • Inspiration for using blogging, video conferencing and other techno-savvy tools for teachers.

Boost your teaching: how to be inspirational

  • Advice on how to develop inspirational pedagogy and have a lasting effect on your pupils and colleagues.

Magic Science and Maths

  • Watch how inspirational magic can help make primary maths and science fun, exciting and creative. And why not learn how to do the tricks yourself?

Primary English - Reading Community

  • Three inspirational teachers share their engaging and motivating lesson ideas to encourage their pupils to read, both in and outside of the curriculum.

An active approach to Shakespeare

  • Inspirations looks at how a West Midlands primary school develops active approaches to Shakespeare.

Tips, advice & inspiration for new teachers

Induction - getting started as an NQT

  • This collection brings together some of the best behaviour advice for new teachers & how to handle the induction period

Behaviour management advice & resources

  • Inspirational behaviour advice and materials, shared by the teachers on TES as well as from our fantastic behaviour guru Tom Bennett.