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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected byTES Primary adviser, Sara Carroll.

This selection of resources provides all sorts of details about our feathered friends, with various bird-related activities and ideas. Why not be part of the world’s biggest birdwatch? Register, get information and download resources (for different key stages) at the RSPB site:

British Garden Birds

  • We’ve provided a link to this fabulous site which has comprehensive details of all British garden birds, beautiful photographs and samples of birdsongs.


  • Link to the RSPB youth site - full of fun and facts presented in a funky way.

Bird Guide

  • A-Z listing of birds with information and images, songs and video footage.


  • Images of a selection of birds from around the world with their names. Useful for research tasks

Wildlife Activity

  • This survey includes a recipe for bird cake and lots of ideas for EY outdoor wildlife activities.

Feed the Birds Day

  • Although the official Feed the Birds Day is in October each year, this guide provides information that is relevant right through the winter.

Three Jays

  • Three types of bird live on three different continents - but are all part of the Jay family. Includes information and links to engage younger children in particular.

Robin Facts

  • Interesting facts about robins, aimed at EY and KS1.

Lifecycle of a Bird

  • Engaging interactive story book to download, with birdsong sound effects.

Owls - Notebook version

Owls - PowerPoint version

  • Document showing many different types of owl and related images and information.

Birds Research

  • Worksheet for pupils to research a selection of birds and add in the information they have found.

Bird Information

  • Bird vocabulary sheet with images and the lifecycle of a hen to cut out and sequence. All with Widgit CIP symbols.

Common Birds

  • Images and names of common British birds. Ideal for use as a tally chart for bird spotting/monitoring.

Masked birds

  • Lesson plan where pupils discuss possible reasons for mask features on certain birds, then make their own masks.

Counting Birds

  • A set of flashcards for EY pupils with different numbers of birds for children to estimate and count.


TESiboard have a super collection of interactive activities, based around the topic of birds and animals.

Animals and Birds - Interactive Information Book

  • Pupils can browse through the pages of this illustrated, interactive book or select an item from the contents or index page. The links in the text will navigate to other pages containing related items. Click on the magnifying glass to see a pop-up of a feature, with its definition.

Animals and Birds - Mock Website

  • A mocked-up website to support reading for a purpose. Search the site to find key items of information.

Animals and Birds - Label and Caption Maker

  • An activity for making a label or a caption for a non-fiction display or class book. Choose an image for your label or select the blank option to draw your own picture.

Animals and Birds - Glossary

  • Pupils can learn about specific features of animals and birds by browsing the glossary items, which are ordered and selectable alphabetically. The species items have additional information pop-ups that can be printed to support non-fiction topic work and displays.

Animals and Birds - Index Cards

  • A database to support reading for a purpose. Skim read the text to choose key items of information then choose criteria to sort the cards into sets.

Animals and Birds - Decision Tree

  • Ask pupils to propose ‘yes/no’ questions that will sort a number of items using an interactive tree diagram.