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Primary Science Material properties

Resources to kick-start a unit on materials, focusing on their uses, qualities and behaviour. You’ll find presentations to introduce concepts and vocabulary, ideas for practical investigations and recording sheets to note down results and conclusions. Also included are display posters and photo cards, as a classroom reference or to promote discussion around the topic.

Properties of materials

Natural and Man-made Materials

  • A powerpoint for KS1 showing examples of natural and man-made materials.

Materials Posters

  • Simple facts on materials, with illustrations, for display. Suitable for KS1.

Sorting Materials Worksheet

  • A worksheet for KS1 children to sort materials and identify what they can be used for.

Materials Investigations Workbook

  • A series of investigation sheets put together as a workbook to complement a circus of investigative activities in the classroom.

Materials - Photo and Word Cards

  • Cards with photos of actual materials and word cards for terms of their properties.

Vocabulary Cards for Science: Materials

  • A selection of brightly coloured cards for display or classroom use. A PCS-style symbol image accompanies each word

3 Little Pigs Materials Investigation

  • Pupils evaluate the materials used in the story before then making their own shelter. Testing uses a hairdryer as the big bad wolf!

Why are these things made from these materials?

  • A Y1 worksheet to identify materials used and to give reasons why.

Qualities of Materials Game

  • A ‘Connect Four’ game to match images of familiar objects with qualities of their materials, e.g. rigid, shiny, soft

Characteristics of Materials Display

  • A display of vocabulary word cards and investigation type questions, for Year 3.

Material Round Robin Quiz

  • A class game using loop cards with questions and answers about characteristics of materials, aimed at Year 3.

Materials Family Game

  • A brilliant and simple visual game to match items, materials and their properties. Particularly good for SEN or EAL pupils.

Properties of Different Materials

  • This Science Corner lesson plan looks at how to reveal the properties of different materials.

Materials Booklet

  • A book on materials to study on the IWB or print off. Aimed at Year 2, it can easily be linked to information writing in literacy.

Characteristics of Materials - Widgit Book

  • A book containing vocabulary on the ‘Characteristics of Materials’ topic, displayed on flashcards with the support of Widgit Symbols. Great for SEN.

Separating Materials

Sorting and Separating Materials

  • An investigation which looks at the properties of plastic, metals and cardboard, to devise a method for their separation from mixed waste.

Separating Mixtures Matching Cards

  • A set of cards for children to match process titles, descriptions, suitable mixtures and pictures.

Separating Materials

  • A pupil workbook and answer booklet on separating materials.

Mixtures of Solids

  • Children are challenged to explain how to separate mixed-up materials. They then make their own graded sieve and/or sorting machine. Suitable for Y4 pupils.

Materials Activities

  • Engaging lesson ideas for KS1/2 pupils on the subject of materials. Includes changes in state and separating materials (Alien Soup).

Widgit - Magnetic or Non-magnetic?

  • A sorting activity with 40 materials vocabulary flashcards, each featuring a colourful Widgit Symbol.

Dissolving and Separating Materials

  • SMARTBoard file of teaching aids, resources and links for revising dissolving and separating materials. Aimed at Year 6.

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