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Top 20 Secondary Art resources

20 of the best tried and tested art and design resources for secondary shared by the teaching community.

A selection of visually appealing and practical resources for project-based work, lesson planning and group activities. This collection is a summary of the top rated and most popular content to be found on TES for art and design teaching at Secondary and post 16 levels.


  • Get students to produce their own self-portrait combining impressionist art, pop art, fauve art and pointillism techniques.

Themes and artists

  • This comprehensive list of recommended artists covers different themes and can be an invaluable reference tool.

Photography: composition

  • Help students take the perfect picture with this thorough introduction to composition and visual elements of the photo.

Pop art design

  • From T-shirts to sculptures, there are lots of pop art inspired projects in this workbook.

Logo design

  • A quiz and an introduction to designing great branded logos.

Matisse collage

  • These guidelines to creating a collage are inspired by Matisse’s work.

Aboriginal 3D art

  • Students can create artwork inspired by their journeys or dreams and wrap up by making their very own 3D modroc boomerangs.

A history of graffiti

  • From its Latin linguistic beginnings to the New York hip-hop scene, discover the history of graffiti with this illustrative PowerPoint.

Van Gogh

  • Introduce the Dutch artist with this PowerPoint and associated worksheets.

Seasons project

  • Try this practical project making artwork inspired by the seasons and get creative with mark-making.

Identity art project

  • Students can explore their own identity with this BTEC photoshop project.

Drawing textures

  • A Publisher file introducing techniques for sketching different textures.

Da Vinci proportions

  • For a cross-curricular maths/art project, try this activity where students explore ratios and proportion to see if they have a ‘perfect’ face.

AQA fine art & GCSE exam

  • Powerpoint resources to help prepare pupils for exams, covering topics like designers and photography.

Art & design Gaudi project

  • Scheme of work to cover the creation of complex 3D clay forms based on Gaudi’s work.

Annotation sheet

  • A sheet to encourage pupils to annotate work in their sketchbooks, talk about artists’ work and develop their art vocabulary.

PLT skills

  • A useful assessment tool which enables pupils to set their own targets for a single year or throughout KS3 - also helpful for medium or long term planning.

Art & design studies - Jewellery

  • Introduction to Jewellery evaluation, information sheets for Rene Lalique, Raymond Templier, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Adjectives for writing about art

  • Vocabulary lists which can be edited and adapted, then printed and laminated for classroom display all year round.

New national curriculum art levels

  • NC art levels broken down into four sections and simplified for better pupil comprehension - they can be used as a basis for display to remind pupils of goals.


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