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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES Science adviser, Dr Richard Spencer, subject leader for Biology and the Learning Development Manager in a sixth form centre in the North East of England.

This collection is designed to introduce you to examples of the range of topics and range of types of resources available on the TES resources website for teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 Chemistry. If you don’t find the exact topic you want amongst this collection, why not visit TES resources to look for it? And, if you see topic gaps, why not submit your own?

Chemical Reactions: Keyword Turnover Cards (KS3)

  • Keyword cards to be used throughout a topic to assess initial knowledge and progress in acquiring key words and their meaning.

Making Compounds (KS3)

  • Powerpoint explaining how compounds are made.

The Reactivity Series (KS3)

  • Three different worksheets about reactions of metals with acid, water and oxygen. Includes practical observation, completing reactivity series, word equation and analogies.

Particles Loop Game (KS3)

  • Revision game which reviews the three states of matter, and well as other key words such as density and volume.

Rocks Blockbuster Game (KS3)

  • Game of blockbusters for rocks and weathering - useful as a starter or plenary.

Red Cabbage Indicator Guidance Sheets (KS3)

  • Practical instruction sheet for making and using red cabbage indicator.

Using A Bunsen Burner (KS3)

  • An introduction to using a Bunsen burner. Ideal for Year 7 classes.

Rainbow Fizz (KS4

  • Simple practical in which pupils graduall react an alkali with increasing volumes of an acid in the presence of universal indicator. Pupils record and account for their observations

Group I and Group VII Lesson Resources (KS4)

  • Series of resources about Group I and Group VII elements in the Periodic Table. Includes lesson plan, powerpoint and video clips of reaction of metal alkalis with water.

Oils and Combustion Questions HT (KS4)

  • Mulltichoice quiz on oils and combustions. Powerpoint template could easily be adapted for other topics.

Haber Process (KS4)

  • Attractive powerpoint presentation on the Haber process as a reversible reaction. Includes visual illustrations of the ‘compromise’ conditions for temp and pressure and the reasons for them.

Polymer Paper Chains (KS4)

  • Activity to help pupils’ understanding of polymerisation, using cut outs of alkene molecules to make a polymer paper chain.

Bonding Card Sort (KS4)

  • Card sort activity that can be laminated for use as a starter or revision activity. Four types of bonding structures (metallic, giant ionic, giant covalent, simple covalent) with pictures, descriptions, properties and example elements/compounds to arrange under the headings

Electrolysis (KS4)

  • Animated powerpoint presentation on electrolysis.n

C2 Revision: Chemical Bonding, Properties & Mole Calculations (KS4)

  • Powerpoint and accompanying worksheet for a revision session covering bonding, structure and properties plus calculations involving moles.

TES Secondary chemistry teaching resources