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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

In January 2011, I presented a series of short workshops at the BETT Conference. These workshops followed certain themes and consisted solely of resources kindly contributed by the generous, talented members of the TES teaching community. The following collection represents 15 of my favourite TES resources of all time, covering a whole host of topics. I hope you find something you like!

Collective Memory - Money

  • Collective Memories are fantastic for encouraging high level co-operative learning. They can also be great fun. This one tests students’ understanding of money, and there is a little twist…


  • The use of a fun, interactive practical problem to introduce the difficult, often misunderstood, topic of Loci.


  • Students often get muddled up between the three types of average, and even the brightest ones find it difficult to understand the different circumstances each average should be used. This great resource should help!

Shapely Pairs

  • An absolute cracker from the NRICH website. A lovely adaption of the classic Pairs game, however this time in order to keep the two cards the player must draw a triangle to match the two given properties.

Algebra Countdown

  • What is the only way the Numbers Game on Countdown could be improved? yes, that’s right, by changing the numbers to letters to help students revise key Algebra skills.

Finance Maths

  • An excellent pair of Excel spreadsheets that look at all aspects of financial mathematics, from basic percentages to the worrying amounts of debt we can get ourselves in if we are not careful.

Aliens Mystery

  • “Aliens have invaded the planet. An antidote must be found immediately. Someone with amazing powers of arithmetic is desperately needed. Are you up to the job? …”

Painting with Numbers

  • Marcus du Sautoy is an excellent and engaging presenter. Here he looks at the wonderful world of statistics, probability, the lottery and causation. Real life maths presented in a very interesting way.

Algebra Quizzes

  • A brilliant way to quickly test students’ understanding of the key concepts in Algebra. This set of 10 question quizzes will unearth any nasty lingering misconceptions that students may have.

Data Analysis Tool

  • Data and Statistics can often be dull unless related to real life. With this fantastic Excel spreadsheet you can grab any data off the web, and within seconds have Cumulative Frequency Diagrams, Histograms and may more appear in front of your eyes.

EXCEL Link cards maker. Percentage of and Fraction of Version

  • A brilliantly simple tool for generating high-quality differentiated follow-me cards on fractions and percentages.

Thinking Skills Activities

  • Mysteries in mathematics are great to help develop students’ thinking and problem solving skills. This is a fantastic, high-quality, original set that is aimed at Years 7 and 8, but which could be used right up to GCSE.

GCSE Mathematics Revision Cards

  • A set of graded jigsaw cards (D to A*) which can be used as a fun, effective way to test students’ understanding in the weeks building up to their final GCSE exam.

Square Co-ordinates

  • The best puzzles/investigations are those which children of all ages and abilities can access. This little classic from NRICH, complete with its slick interactivity, is just that.

Autograph Video 6 - Combined Transformations

  • Autograph is a wonderful interactive and dynamic tool for demonstrating and investigating transformations. This video shows you show to do it, and asks you a tricky little question at the end.

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