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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES Science adviser, Dr Richard Spencer, subject leader for Biology and the Learning Development Manager in a sixth form centre in the North East of England

This collection is designed to introduce you to examples of the range of topics and range of types of resources available on the TES resources website for teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 Physics. If you don’t find the exact topic you want amongst this collection, why not visit TES resources to look for it? And, if you see topic gaps, why not submit your own?

Force Interactions (KS3)

  • A lesson plan for teaching that objects fall to Earth at the same speed, regardless of their mass.

Electricity Components (KS3)

  • Collaborative activity where pupils work in groups to match up the symbol with the name and description.

Light and Shadow Chatterbox (KS3)

  • A fun kinaesthetic activity to reinforce important science vocabulary and definitions related to light and shadow.

Microwaves - Interactive Simulation (KS3)

  • Animation to explain the heating effects of microwaves (University of Colarado)

The Ear Worksheet (KS3)

  • Diagram of the ear with a cloze passage and open question section together with starter questions to get pupils thinking about the importance of hearing and sound.

How Science Works: Key Words for Display in Science Labs (KS3 and KS4)

  • Powerpoint slides that can be printed out and displayed in labs to raise awareness of key terminology.

The Atom Game (KS3 & KS4)

  • A fun game which engages all abilities, and enables pupils to learn the importance of proton number and mass number to the structure of the atom.

Gravity Concept Sheet (KS4)

  • Four statements about gravity(correct, partially correct or completely correct) for students to think about in groups (or individually), discuss and compare answers.

Producing Electricity Worksheet (KS4)

  • One page diagrammatic flowchart of how electricity is produced - with gaps for students to complete using provided key words.

Energy Resources Monopoly Game (KS4)

  • A set of resources (board game, player cards and rules) to encourage pupils to explore different types of energy resource and a range of environmental and financial issues.

Transport Standard Grade (KS4)

  • Colour pupil workbook for “Transport” topic of the Scottish Standard Grade Physics course but also suitable for GCSE Physics (Force & Motion).

Specific Heat Capacity Puzzle Cards (KS4)

  • Set of 15 cards - some contain pieces of information and others contain questions. Small groups of students are each given the whole set, and have to make sense of it and answer the questions.

Carbon Dating Half-Life Activity (KS4)

  • Powerpoint and worksheet for radioactive dating and half life activity. Easily modified for pupils of different abilities.

EM Radiation Summary Sheets (KS4)

  • Summary sheet for each of the seven types of electromagnetic radiation, with a worksheet for students to record the properties (penetration, uses and hazards) of each.

Waves Circus (KS4)

  • Five activities for small student groups to rotate around during the course of a lesson, to review wave behaviour. Includes activities on wave speed, reflection, refraction and diffraction.

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