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Teaching short course RE (KS3, KS4) - suitable for non-specialists

A selection of recommended RE resources shared by the teaching community

AQA Freewill and determinism

  • A highly detailed scheme of work with brilliant resources for Freewill and determinism based on AQA specifications

Case study: The victims of T4

  • Material from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust focusing on the town of Hadamar and its role in Nazi discrimination

The Holocaust

  • Materials covering the topic of genocide with supplementary resources such as worksheets and presentations


  • A powerpoint focusing on the Devil with specifications from OCR Philosophy and Ethics.


  • Interactive resources and discussion topics for dealing with issues like love, marriage and divorce.

GCSE Believing in God

  • Revision guide for GCSE topic which can be used as a printable booklet - a useful timesaver

Wealth and poverty

  • Introductory lesson covering the topic of wealth and poverty within the context of the UK

The Story of Rama & Sita

  • A simple powerpoint version of the traditional story behind the festival of Diwali

Wants and needs cards

  • Illustrated cards for use in a discussion about the differences between wants and needs

Hinduism quiz

  • A quiz covering the main aspects of Hinduism based on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’


  • A collection of resources to introduce the topic of euthanasia and begin a classroom discussion

Multi faith society

  • Presentation introducing different world religions including a game starter to engage pupils with the topic

AS & A2 Ethics

  • A scheme of work covering various ethical theories in powerpoint and worksheet format

OCR revision mind maps

  • Exam revision for Philosophy and Ethics modules, covered in OCR specifications

Science and religion school project

  • Sample units of work covering topics such as creation and medical ethics

Religious Education teaching resources