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Special needs - Visual support

Here is a fabulous collection of resources for teachers of SEN pupils. We’ve included lots of basic sheets, some for display, some for use directly with pupils. All of these resources have been developed by Bev Evans, one of TES Connect’s top contributors and an expert in the education of SEN pupils.

The resources give clear visual support to pupils, often incorporating PCS, Widgit or sign language symbols - The sort of thing that all SEN teachers will find useful and usually have to pay for or spend lots of valuable time trying to make themselves. Thank you, Bev!

A variety of classroom signs, in PDF documents, with a choice of format for the symbols:

Class Signs - PCS format

Class Signs - Widgit format

Simple Communication Book

  • Template for a simple communication book, with 24 PCS symbols.

Widgit Symbols for Visual Timetables

Visual Prompt Cards - Class Rules

  • A set of reminder cards and desktop strips to encourage and reinforce good behaviour. Supported by symbols in PCS format.

‘Wash your Hands’ Strips

  • Signs with a visual reminder for sink areas. Two versions - pink for girls and blue for boys!

Daily Routine Photo Cards

  • Clear photo cards of events in a child’s day, for discussion, sequencing or play.

Basic Word Icons Frieze

  • Common icons for using Microsoft Word with simple explanations. Great to support inclusion in ICT.

Sheets for Practising Scissor Skills

  • Two sets of sheets with objects and suggested outlines to cut around.

Basic Pencil Skills

  • Sheets for practising following the lines, with increasing difficulty.

Finger Spelling Alphabet Frieze

  • Printable finger spelling alphabet for display or for use as large format flash cards. Different coloured borders for vowels/consonants. The images are in colour, with multi-cultural skin tones and a clear font.

Three Word Descriptions

  • A speech and language game to improve or assess pupils’ listening skills.

PCS Worksheet Pack

  • Worksheets for learning initial sound, end sound, vowel sound and blends. All sheets have PCS symbols and some have finger-spelling sign language.


  • An interactive presentation to show how everyone is different, to support inclusion.

My Computer Keyboard

  • A clearly presented keyboard layout, with explanations of functions when different areas are clicked.

Sign Language Weather Chart

  • Screens to add the day of the week and the weather, with sign language images.

What’s For Dinner?

  • Sign language images of popular foods.

Story Writing Cards

  • For display - includes suggestions for characters, settings, beginnings, endings etc.

Action Pictures

  • A set of photos showing everyday actions with captions - for display or classroom use.

Colour Lotto with sign language

  • Colour Lotto includes four base boards with six assorted colours on each, four sets of object cards (PCS symbols) in corresponding colours and four sets of sign language cards in corresponding colours.

Let’s Count

  • A simple counting activity (up to 5) with a vehicle theme. Includes voice-over, sound effects and action buttons.

Inside My Body

  • An introductory presentation to find out what’s underneath your skin, focussing on main organs.

Healthy Eating Photo Cards

  • Photo cards of items from different food groups, for discussion, sorting or display.

Materials - Photo and Word Cards

  • Photos of actual materials and common terms to describe them.

Vocabulary Cards for Science: Materials

  • Cards for display or classroom use with terms and symbols.

Make a Circuit

  • Visual step-by-step support with animations on how to build a simple circuit.

Push, Pull and Twist - Basic Forces

  • Animated Powerpoint, workbook and photo cards to learn about common forces.


  • A clear presentation on magnets, with PCS symbols to support pupils. A short quiz at the end enables pupils to recap on the main points.

On the Farm

  • Each page of this presentation has an animal and a choice of sign language images to match to it.

Pond Life Identification Cards

  • Photo cards with questions and supporting visual prompts.