TES collection Studying artists’ work

Secondary Art - Studying artists’ work

A selection of visually appealing and practical resources for project-based work, lesson planning and group activities for studying artists’ work. This collection includes a range of resources for studying the work of classical and contemporary artists, designers and animators, all shared on TES Resources by the teaching community.

Research and techniques

Worksheets, powerpoints and images to help the study of various famous artists.

How to write about artists’ work

  • Simple checklist for use when reviewing or describing an artist’s work - a helpful reminder or revision tool.

Questioning in art

  • Questions relating to Bloom’s taxonomy - useful when questioning students on a piece of art work.

Art keywords

  • Keywords and vocabulary essential for discussing art works and pieces - use these as the basis for a classroom display to keep them fresh in pupils’ minds

Art research

  • Three worksheets and a powerpoint to help students research an artist’s work and present their research effectively.

Specific artists

Information about specific artists and their work, with some topics for discussion and visual stimuli.

21st century artists

  • A PowerPoint displaying the work of twenty-one artistsl active today, with quotations from each. Suitable for all age groups, as a slideshow or poster display in the classroom.

Hundertwasser worksheet

  • Images and quotes for colouring or painting which can be used as a starter or cover activity.

Hundertwasser images

  • Examples of the artist’s work for display, discussion or analysis.

Georgia O’Keefe and other artists

  • Powerpoints and images focusing on the work of Georgia O’Keefe and her contemporaries.

Matisse’s collage

  • Worksheets with teacher’s notes describing how to make a collage.

Jon Burgerman scheme of work

  • A scheme of work based on British illustrator, artist and designer Jon Burgerman.

Andy Warhol collection

  • A visual resource to display a collection of works created by Andy Warhol - useful as an introduction to the artist and his work or to form the basis of a project.

Isabelle Le Roux - a study

  • Encourage pupils to develop their ideas and techniques by looking at the South African artist Isabelle Le Roux.

Van Gogh PowerPoints and worksheets

  • Simple introduction to Van Gogh - resources include materials which can be used with Year 7 or adapted for use with KS2 pupils.

Giorgio de Chirico

  • View examples and discuss the work of Surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico using this colourful powerpoint.


  • Powerpoint with some basic background information about Escher with and a worksheet focusing on Escher’s Mosaic painting.
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Pablo Picasso

  • This resource covers a critical analysis and investigation into Picasso’s famous work The Weeping Woman.

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