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Sun awareness

Stay safe in the sun

  • A presentation with interactive quizzes and games, to help teachers educate their class of the importance of enjoying the sun safely and what protective measures they can take.

The Sunwise Set - sun safety

  • Let The Sunwise Set help your primary school children learn about sun safety in a fun and engaging way.

‘Being Sunsmart’ animation

  • Series of fun animations developed by Cancer Research UK that can be displayed on interactive whiteboards to help you introduce sun safety to your KS1 and KS2 pupils.

Sunwise Crossword - Sun safety

  • Sun safety activity sheet - featuring ‘Cool Cat’ the sunwise cat. Crossword outlining key sun safety messages.

Sun safety

  • Create a poster explaining how to stay safe in the sun.

Wrap Splat Hat Sun Awareness 2011

  • Written by PSHE specialists this ‘whole-school’ initiative provides fun and educational resources to help you deliver PSHE (Health and Wellbeing) and Healthy Schools lessons and activities.

Sun safety game

  • Use the arrow keys to help the boy collect everything he needs to stay safe in the sun - his hat, sun cream and t-shirt.

How to stay safe in the sun

  • Presentation with lots of important facts.

Safety outdoors

Rural road safety

  • Road sign meanings with surveys to complete.

Railway Safety

  • News article highlighting an important issue

Swimming skill cards

  • Teaching points for effective swimming lessons.

Staying safe on the Thames

  • Valuable information for river safety this summer.

Beach safety

  • Recognise dangers at the beach and how to deal with them.

School assemblies for road safety

  • Wide variety of road safety themes for assembly.

Safety online

Cyberbullying and online safety

  • Encourage internet safety this summer.

Increase online safety awareness

  • Resources for teachers and parents.

Using the Internet Safely and Responsibly

  • An on-screen PowerPoint activity for children to complete to help them understand the risks associated with different communication tools/websites and ways they can help stay safe online.

Childnet - young people & social networking sites

  • A guide for parents, carers and teachers about social networking sites

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