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Citizenship / Wholeschool - Transition

Moving to a different school, or even a different class within the same school, can be daunting for pupils, whatever age they are. Here we have collected together tried and tested resources for easing the transition process, to support pupils - and their teachers!

We have everything from postcards to make connections between Y6 and Y7 students, through to whole-school policies on managing transition; ideas for Leavers’ Assemblies, plus resources and ideas for getting to know your new pupils next term and establishing class rules.

Transition from Primary to Secondary

Starting secondary school - SEAL

  • A presentation to support worried pupils.

Transition-themed website for Year 6 pupils preparing for secondary school

  • A website that discusses some of the most common worries, with some stimulating questions at the end.

Moving on up

  • The options available to pupils upon moving to secondary school, with interviews with Y7 children.

Hello there! postcards

  • A resource to build links between secondary and primary students.

Question postcards

  • Postcards to support transition. Y6 pupils write down issues or concerns, to which Y7 students reply.

Postcard templates

  • Postcard templates for parents to support their child on the transition to secondary.

Who Wants To Grow Up?

  • Make transition seem less stressful by making it part of a bigger picture. Children explore how our bodies and minds change and their feelings and frustrations about wanting to be older.

Transition booklet ‘Farewell Year 6’

  • A booklet to help pupils in Year 6 reflect on their time at primary school before moving onto Year 7.

Primary liaison powerpoint

  • Lesson plan, certificate and a presentation for Y7 teachers to take to get to know primary teachers and Year 6s.

Teachers TV: Summer Surfing

  • A special website for transition from primary to secondary, to bridge the gap between Y6 and Y7.

DfES publication on transition from KS2-3

  • A report that can be used to guide staff training sessions about supporting pupils through transition.

Teachernet resource on transition strategies

  • Details on how one College liaises with primary feeder schools to tackle any transition problems.

Moving On - Key Stage 2 Learning Resources

  • Resources including short films, unit overviews, support materials and lesson plans. Puppets introduce the topic, with the voices of real children.

Teachers TV: KS2 PSHE - Personal Stories

  • Pupils voice their worries about going to big school, then spend a day at a nearby Secondary.

Teachers TV: A Taste of Secondary

  • See three secondary schools’ methods for transition and induction.

Teachers TV: Transition from Primary

  • What one Head of Year 7 does to ease the transition to secondary.

Teachers TV: Hi Tech Transition

  • How two schools use ICT projects to ease pupils’ transition to secondary.

Teachers TV: Lost in Transition

  • A primary and secondary teachers’ workshop to improve transition in History across KS2-3.

Teachers TV: Primary/Secondary Transition

  • Ensuring positive transitions from primary to secondary, with a focus on PE.

QCDA units

Unit 12: Moving on: Why do we have to move on?

  • Children should learn that transition and change are part of everyone’s life experience.

Unit 12: Moving on: How can we prepare for change?

  • Children should learn to identify their own feelings about change and transition.

Unit 12: Moving on: What about my friends?

  • Children should learn about the value of friendship and about ways to establish new friendships in new situations, and maintain old ones during times of change.

Unit 12: Moving on: How can we help others ?

  • Children should learn about the school as a community and to understand and show concern for others in the school who are experiencing transition.

Unit 12: Moving on: Transition

  • Children should learn to reflect on what they have learnt about change and transition.

Leavers’ Assemblies and Songs

Dr Who school leaver’s assembly

  • A script with a time-travel theme to show that life is about moving on!

Leavers’ Assembly Ode

  • A poem for Year 6s, which provides a summary of the subjects pupils have studied in Primary.

Year 6 Leavers’ Song - Don’t Stop Believing

  • Alternative lyrics to the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly - Big Brother Theme

  • A script with an opportunity for pupils to show off their talents and recall their memories of the school.

Goodbye and Good Luck!

  • A free workbook with ideas for a Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly and the option to buy an accompanying CD.

School Leavers’ Song in French and English

  • An emotional bilingual goodbye song for school leavers.

Transition from KS1 to KS2

Transition message To and From my new teacher

  • Two letter templates for pupils and teacher to introduce themselves.

What To Do If…

  • Advice on creating a smooth transition from Year 2 to Year 3.

Transition to the next primary class workbook

  • A simple social story and a positive and reassuring booklet that can be filled in, to support anxious pupils.

Changes: New Beginnings

  • A colourful, animated powerpoint aimed at discussing transition with pupils who are moving on to new classes or schools.

SEAL New Beginnings Year 1 / Year 2

  • Medium term plan for SEAL, for a year 2 class but incorporates some year 1 objectives/activities.

SEAL New Beginnings Year 2

  • Medium term planning for the first SEAL unit.

Early Years Transitions

Year 1 class welcome letter

  • A welcome letter to send to year 1 children to explain how year 1 will be different from Reception and to ease the transition.

Transition ideas for FS - KS1

  • A few ideas to smooth transition and a booklet for Reception children to make for their new teacher.

Teachers TV - Transitions: Building on Learning

  • Creating smooth transitions from nursery to reception and onwards.

Teachers TV - Developing Transitions

  • Case studies of various transitional situations in EYFS.

Sample transition action plan

  • Ideas and suggestions to ease the process.

SEN pupils

Transition to Secondary School Activity

  • Resource to help children with an ASD during the transition to secondary school.

Transition toolkit

  • Practical summary for supporting autistic pupils

SEN Scheme of Work PSHCE

  • Scheme of Work for Moving On, for students who have ASD.

Transition from Primary to Secondary school

  • Notes for teachers on the transition from primary to secondary school, for Down’s Syndrome pupils.

Experiences of transition

  • Research into transition experiences of Down’s Syndrome pupils.

Teachers TV: Secondary Special Needs - SEN Pupils in Transition

  • How one school meets the needs of present and future SEN pupils.

Your New Class

Secret agent files (KS2)

  • Getting to know you - secret agent files for pupils to complete and add their photo.

Passport to year X

  • A passport-style booklet for pupils to fill in.

50 ideas for meeting your new class

  • 50 suggestions for activities to do when meeting your new class either on a transition day, or for the first day of term.

Transition day/ new class

  • Three templates to find out information about your new class: a Wanted poster, a passport and a Classified Information file.

All About Me booklet (FS/KS1)

  • A booklet template with categories for the pupil to add their details, e.g. favourite foods, my family, special friends…

Birthday passport (FS/KS1)

  • The child draws a picture of themselves and writes name, age and month of birthday.

Day One

  • A few ideas for jobs we do on the first day. Basic Health and Safety list for teacher to impart and a Passport to their new class.

Class Charter poster

  • A poster for the children to sign after agreeing on the rights and responsibilities of people in their class.

Golden Rules

  • A worksheet on rules, reasons for them and the consequences of breaking them.

Classroom monitor/ job list

  • A way of getting children to feel responsible for their surroundings and to involve pupils in the class ‘community’.

Classroom Monitors / Classroom Helpers

  • Roles of classroom helpers, with space to put names of pupils who are responsible for that job.

Circle Time Cards (KS1)

  • A great way to get to know your class and show that everyone’s opinions are equal and valued.

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