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Vocational Electronics

These resources cover some of the basic concepts and learning areas for Electronics such as switches, Ohm’s law and components. This collection also contains useful online materials which can support background research and development in Electronics teaching and learning.

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nw5298 has shared some fantastic Electronics material with the teaching community on TES and to show our appreciation we have selected some of these to highlight here -thank you

Understanding simple logic gates

  • Understanding simple logic gates: models logic gates as switches. Students must identify which switches need to be pressed for an LED to come on and from that build up truth tables.

electronics: ohms law / units of measure / power / potential dividers

  • Revision aid for use in KS4 or KS5 electronic products an introduction to ohms law, potential dividers & calculating power.

Circuit wizard tutorials

  • Two tutorials for beginners starting to use Circuit Wizard 1. This resource goes through schematic entry and simulation 2; also goes through manual PCB creation


  • An overview of different types of switches (PTM, PTB, DPST etc) as well as different implementations (rotary, embrane, rocker, toggle etc). Useful for GCSE Electronics and Electronic Products courses.

More Electronics resources

How your electronics work

  • This blog site includes a series of articles explaining how common electronics function from a popular science perspective.

Young Academy

  • Young Academy has been developed by BMW Education to allow students to learn about the science and technology behind the cars and discover the skills needed to work in the automotive industry.

Elementary electronics

  • Introduce electrical and electronics principle, electronics components and simple electronics projects.

Interactive Transformer Worksheet

  • An introductory interactive worksheet that demonstrates what happens to the output voltage when the primary and secondary turns are changed.

Electronics support for KS3, GCSE and A Level

  • The website is a learning aid for students, from KS3 - A Level, covering Electronics and Systems and Control.

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