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Vocational Video Collection (Teachers TV)

This collection of videos from the Teachers TV archive includes a wide range of advisory videos on problems facing education for 14 – 19 year olds, suggestions on how to approach the vocational curriculum and information about the types of courses available as well as some of the creative and engaging techniques employed to teach them through the UK and Europe.

Issues & research

Developments in 14 – 19 – Institute of Education

  • The senior lecturer in the department of continuing and professional education at the Institute of Education outlines the options open to students’ post 14 and the overall concepts of 14-19 diplomas.

Education leaving age

  • Mike Baker examines Government plans for raising the education leaving age to 18, aimed at tackling the problem of young people not in education or employment.

Jim Knight on vocational education

  • Education journalist Mike Baker interviews the Minister of State for Schools and Learners, Jim Knight, on the current education system from, diplomas to the primary curriculum.

New secondary curriculum – Witnessing impact

  • A look at how Thomas Estley Community College in Leicester has implemented “specialisms” afternoons for Year 9 students, designed to help measure the impact of the new curriculum

Teaching tips & ideas

Experiencing work – the teacher

  • A video covering the benefits of work placements for vocational GCSE teachers.

Creating a contemporary space

  • An old lab is transformed into a brilliant vocational space which could provide some inspiration and ideas to help get started with a vocational re-vamp.

How do they do it in Germany?

  • A look at how vocational teaching is approached in Germany – useful for comparisons on the UK system and a potential classroom discussion.

Making it real – enthusiasm for Vocational GCSEs.

  • Ridgewood School in Doncaster is a specialist Engineering and Technology school where pupils can take vocational GCSE’s.

New 14 – 19 Curriculum

  • Case studies on different schools offering the recently introduced curriculum for 14 – 19 year olds.

Pushing beyond the curriculum

  • Richard Arrowsmith of Grove Comprehensive in Shropshire speaks about the benefits of the flexible vocational curriculum introduced at his school.

Specific courses/careers

Construction 1 – The Gas Fitter

  • The video demonstrates the skills needed for a practical trade and how literacy, numeracy and ICT skills are vital to vocational courses.

Other subjects including vocational teaching resources