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KS4 Graphic Products has had some truly excellent contributions of late and the resources that have been uploaded are exceptional. The production and layouts of these items are particularly impressive. I believe that if you are going to teach a subject then you should really lead by example and these items should help you do just that. Furthermore these topics are diverse and rich in their detail and go some way to explaining the theory and workings behind graphics in general. They should help any teacher create an impact but just as importantly, are easy and quick to use, the cornerstone of any resource that is going to be implemented in today’s classroom.

Graphics Theory PowerPoint

  • Self contained PowerPoint which enables you to teach the basics behind graphics before using Fireworks etc. Contains a starter activity and tasks, suitable for all levels.

Introduction to Branding

  • This is a lesson with a number of activities to encourage pupils to start thinking about brands, logos, colours and less obvious means of advertising such as ambient and stunt media.

Sustainable design tasks

  • Particularly useful for both KS3 and KS4 Graphic Products and Product Design. Effective if able to get the students to work in small design groups.

Design: the good the bad & the ugly

  • A useful starter for most DT lessons. Illustrates both good and bad design ideas but also adds context. Effective when presented at the start of a design project or after the generation of initial ideas


  • Introduction and specific tasks in order to aid students when first are starting to tackle one and two point perspective.

Packing poster

  • A highly effective display used to illustrate various types of packaging with accompanying annotation which highlight both positive and negative aspects.

Design a cereal box activity (enterprise)

  • This is an activity that follows the premise of the BBC television show “The Apprentice”. The challenge is open to all year groups and can also be introduced as an extra or even cross curricular task.

Lesson on Graphics PW

  • A simple yet reasonably effective introduction to the topic of graphics and graphic products. Well presented with a number of concise and easy to understand examples.

Wally Olins Presentation

  • One of the 4 designers pupils have to learn about when studying the AQA specification. This resource will be of great interest to those of you now introducing your AQA Graphic products revision topics. You should find that this presentation could save both time and effort.

Lithography and Gravure

  • A really clear and concise PowerPoint which covers the basics of these two processes but also gives relevant and useful examples. It is ideal for teaching graphic products but could also be used where appropriate for KS3 input


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