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Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources (KS3 and KS4 Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

This collection is of a range of KS3 and KS4 Science resources relevant to teaching environmental aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The collection includes resources on renewable energy, acid rain, global warming and effects of human population growth.

Environmental puzzle

  • Concise crossword puzzle to summarise environmental chemistry (KS3 Chemistry).

Acid rain lesson

  • Power point introduction to acid rain and instructions/worksheet for the reaction between limestone and sulfuric acid. Starter activity gets students to think about acid rain and its effects - a good lead in to the experiment, which will help students understand the effects of acid rain on buildings and statues. Note schools must carry out their own risk assessments for practical work. (KS4/KS3 Chemistry).

Blockbusters - energy

  • Blockbusters quiz game, which draws questions mainly from KS4 Physics (energy resources) but also KS4 Chemistry (air pollution).

Changes in the atmosphere

  • Useful power point presentation to introduce and/or review atmospheric gases and changes (KS3 Chemistry).

Air pollution revision questions

  • Revision questions on Air Pollution which will help students to summarise key information in “Air Pollution” Topic (KS4 Chemistry).

Energy resources Monopoly game

  • A set of resources (board game, player cards and rules) to encourage pupils to explore different types of energy resource and a range of environmental and financial issues (KS4 Physics).

Energy resources activity

  • Great idea to help students summarise advantages and disadvantages of different energy resources, using attractive posters as stimulus material and information sources (KS3 Physics)

The E.ON energy experience – Energy nation

  • Energy Nation is an interactive ICT resource, which helps students to understand the options available for using renewable energy resources in the UK. They explore the options and draw their own conclusions by stepping in the shoes of the key decision makers (KS3 Physics).

Different fuels

  • Activity which helps students to appreciate the environmental impact of using different fuel sources in cars. Worksheet is supported by a website (Physics and Ethics Education Project) containing numerous additional activities and downloadable resources. Well worth a visit! (KS3 & KS4 Physics).

Jeopardy – renewable energy

  • Students will enjoy the challenge and competition involved in this game - a fun way to review renewable energy resources (KS4 Physics).

Global warming loop game

  • Loop game on global warming ideal to use as a plenary activity (KS4 Biology).

Population explosion (HT)

  • Clear introduction to some of the consequences of human population growth, including reference to CFCs, acid rain and use of fossil fuels (KS4 Biology).

Mind maps: Human impact on the environment

  • A collection of resources, including two mind maps on human impact on the environment (one exemplar, and one for students to complete) plus some generic instructions for using mind maps to summarise information – an important skill for students to develop (KS4 Biology).

The effect of the population explosion

  • A collection of resources and activities to support a lesson on the effect of the human population growth on land, resources and pollution (KS4 Biology).

My mates a primate

  • One of the many videos related to environmental issues from www.green.tv. This example examines the impact of humans on primates as we consume, pollute and destroy primate habitats (KS4 Biology).


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