TES primary weather teaching resources

Primary geography - weather teaching resources

A collection of resources for start of day or for topic work. Included are lesson plans, interactive screens and exciting practical activities. For younger pupils, match sentences to pictures or monitor the weather each day; for KS2 pupils, look at weather around the world or make a weather vane!

Weather resources for EY and KS1

Sorting clothes for different weather

  • Images of clothing for different seasons and weather, to discuss and sort.

Weather rhymes

  • An image and a simple rhyme for each different type of weather - great for the start of the day.

Weather matching

  • Match the weather sentences to the pictures in this simple worksheet.

What’s the weather?

  • A screen to represent today’s weather, by choosing the conditions and dressing the children in the weather scene in appropriate clothes.

Interactive weather chart

  • Click on a symbol to represent today’s weather. Editable to add in your own date and a choice of seasonal background screens.

Sign language weather chart

  • Days of the week and nine types of weather, with full colour sign language images.

Winter weather

  • A large range of lovely resources based around winter, including pictures of seasons, a template for a ‘keeping warm’ book and a winter poem.

Weather forecasting

  • An interactive map of Britain with weather symbols to drag on - with sound effects.

Weather glossary

  • An illustrated glossary for display. Particularly useful for EAL or SEN pupils.

Photographs of weather

  • Photos and captions of weather conditions and appropriate clothing.


  • Lessons and resources looking at weather - symbols, descriptions, weather-appropriate activities and forecasting.

Hyperlink weather research

  • Worksheets with hyperlinks to research types of weather safely on the internet.

Weather around the world

  • A set of six profiles of people who live in different places and like different holiday weather and activities. Could be used for group work on researching and planning holidays for the people.

Weather reporter

  • Choose your area of Britain on the map, add in the weather conditions and the weather reporter will read out today’s weather.

Weather words

  • Animated scenes of the seasons to encourage descriptive language.

Weather resources for KS2

Weather symbols

  • Interactive activity to identify different kinds of weather.

Weather around the world profiles

  • Cards for people who like different climates and have different hobbies.


  • Look at the effects of low pressure weather systems, known as depressions.

Weather symbols and forecasts

  • Weather symbols and collecting weather data to make a pictogram.

Weather around the world

  • Lesson plans and associated photo-copiable resource sheets for unit 7.

Weather and climate around the world

  • Brief outline of five different climates.

Unit plans for weather around the world

  • A complete set of plans and template resources for a KS2 topic on weather.

Climate zones

  • Six suitcases listing different items to match with six labels of locations, to use as a springboard to discussing and researching climatic zones.

Weather around the world - lesson starters

  • Lesson plans and a video exploring five regions of the world with very different weather.

My ideal climate

  • A template for pupils to create and describe their ideal climate, to include weather, living things and possible activities.


  • A lesson plan with links to resources for studying the climate of the UK in contrast to parts of Africa.

TES Web Staff have shared several lesson plans from Sophie Duncan, project manager for Science at the BBC. The following ideas, for weather-related practical activities, are suitable for either KS2 Science or Geography lessons.

Making a tornado

  • A practical lesson for Geography or Science to create the tornado principle using two plastic bottles.

Making weather vanes

  • Using sticks or a plate with ribbons, pupils can create instruments to measure wind direction.


  • A practical lesson plan on making your own barometers to measure air pressure.

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