TES resolving conflict teaching resources

Primary PSHE - Resolving conflict

These materials help pupils learn the vital skills needed to resolve conflict in their lives, such as dealing with angry feelings and having strategies in place to make up after arguments.

Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution

  • Suitable for upper Key Stage 2, here are two lesson plans with accompanying resources to explore children’s understanding of bullying, differentiate between bullying and conflict and explore the role of the bystander.

Getting On and Falling Out (SEAL)

  • This is 5 week planning for the ‘getting on and falling out’ theme of SEAL, aimed at YR.

How to make up with friends

  • A short play for assembly using the acronym TRUST and introducing the ‘friendship builders’ who help rebuild relationships after a rift.

Peaceful problem-solving script

  • To support SEAL, these cards offer scripts for calming down strategies and problem solving. One side of the card has a script for staff, the other side has an assertiveness script for children.

KS2 Drama in PSHE - Drama for Learning

  • Drama is used to enhance a SEAL lesson. Role play is used to explore ways of resolving types of conflict which are relevant to children’s lives, such as arguments over football and fashion.

Playtime Poem

  • A poem about a child who is lonely and who dreads the whole playtime experience. A useful stimulus to discuss how other children might be able to look out for, and then help resolve, issues arising in social situations like playtime.

Getting on and falling out

  • A powerpoint about falling out with friends and strategies for making up.

Anti-Bullying Chat Cards

  • ‘What would you do if..?’ Scenarios to promote anti-bullying ideas and ideas to solve friendship disputes.

SEAL Relationships Discussion Stimulus

  • PowerPoint presentation for KS2, to stimulate discussion on behaviour and feelings towards peers and a quiz on ways to make amends.

Getting on and falling out

  • A Year 1 Medium Term Plan based on SEAL resources. Calming down and problem-solving strategies.

Managing anger

  • A power point based on the PSHE guidance on managing anger. Told through a metaphorical story.

What happens to my body when I get angry?

  • A prompt for discussion in KS1, raising emotional awareness in order to prevent anger going too far.

Calmly Snail

  • Powerpoint Social Story to aid anger management in younger children.

Calming Down - girl

  • A story on how to calm down when angry.

Calming Down - boy

  • A story on how to calm down when angry.

Go Givers resources and lessons support and extend the SEAL themes.

Resolving Conflict

  • This PowerPoint lesson explores how conflicts can be resolved by looking at things fairly, and how a mediator can help to make this happen.

Working for Peace

  • This PowerPoint lesson explores the causes of conflict in our world and looks at how some charities work for peace and reconciliation. Looking at global problems could lead into discussion on how to solve conflict at a more personal and local level.

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