TES Secondary A level biology teaching resources

Post-16 teaching resources for A level biology

Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES Science adviser, Dr Richard Spencer, subject leader for Biology and the Learning and Development Manager in a sixth form centre in the North East of England.

This collection is designed to introduce you to examples of the different types of resources available on the TES resources website for teaching Post-16 (AS and A level) Biology and Human Biology. From web links to engaging videos, power points to games, cartoons to questions, and guided note-making to genetic investigations. Many of the activities presented are transferable to other topic areas. If you don’t find the exact topic you want amongst this collection, why not visit TES resources to look for it? And, if you see topic gaps, why not submit your own?

A Fantastic Collection Of Resources For Teaching Evolution

  • A collection of short, engaging videos for teaching different aspects of evolution (American PBS).

Carbohydrates - What’s The Question?

  • Activity in which students create questions where the answers are key words supplied in a table. Useful as a topic or lesson summary.

Lung structure, alveoli, epithelial cells, surface area

  • Power point presentation on structure and function of the human lungs, linked to cystic fibrosis.

Mitosis Cut And Stick

  • Review activity to sequence and label stages of mitosis. Includes extension questions.

B-Team Cartoon Strip and B-Team Power Point

  • Creative activity in which students use guiding text (and a power point example) to summarise production and roles of B cells in the immune response.

Ecology Game

  • Card loop game to revise key terminology related to ecology topics.

Stem Cell Research Poster

  • Informative poster about stem cell research, including the origins and uses of different types of stem cell (supplied by ADPI).

Diffusion/Osmosis/Active Transport Venn Puzzle

  • Venn diagram puzzle for students to summarise key features of different types of transport.

Structure Of The Heart

  • Power point presentation on heart structure including animation on the cardiac cycle.

The Differences Between Mitosis And Meiosis

  • Sort activity to compare and contrast these two types of cell division.

EU-Sol Tomata Seeds - Free Genetic Resource

  • Project activity using investigating genetics of tomato plants to support understanding of genetics.

Edexcel Concepts: Heart And Health Worksheets

  • Worksheets for guided note making, plus links to a wide range of resources available for the ClickBiology website.

Genetic Engineering Glossary List

  • Table of key terminology related to genetic engineering for students to compile a glossary.

Inside DNA

  • Link to a website on latest developments in human genomics, including controversial issues and debates.

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