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SEN - Pupils with moderate learning difficulties

The category of MLD is wide ranging and can cover a varied spectrum of pupils and needs. The range of resources may be used therefore with a variety of pupils and contexts. The resources have been chosen to offer teachers a host of opportunities to extend learning in many curriculum areas. The majority of the resources can also be further adapted to meet the specific needs of learners.

15 useful resources

Reading four word sentences

  • A great resource to support reading schemes and create opportunities for the pupils to take ownership of the reading materials.

Castles ( features of)

  • A very good introductory and plenary resource. A very good and clear focus for your visit to a castle or your castle topic.

Waterproof / materials lesson plan and resources

  • A very interesting way of introducing a range of concepts and ideas. If you would like to use it with older pupils then you can change the theme from Teddy Bears to something more appropriate. This is a well planned and organised resource.

The Royal Family tree

  • A way of introducing the modern Royal Family to the pupils. It also highlights family relationships. This is colourful and allows the pupils to create a resource using photographs. This may help to explain questions that arise after the Royal Wedding.

Push and pull ( Scientific concept)

  • A simple and effective resource to highlight the concepts of push and pull. It is a good starting point for discussion and encouraging pupils to consider other objects and perhaps produce their own Powerpoint.

Plate tectonics

  • A simple worksheet which goes some way to addressing and highlighting plate tectonics. Ideal for a stater, plenary or discussion stimulus in a very topical area that is generating lots of questions amongst pupils.

College of Rock

  • A very comprehensive resource. A mini-project that tests the students’ ability to follow instructions, make choices, handling data, using descriptive text and ICT. A fun resource on a motivating topic.

Map symbols

  • A very simple introduction to symbols used on maps for pupils with special needs or young pupils. Clear pictures, minimal clear language.

Maths Rap (Learn your tables)

  • A rap to learn your tables. May inspire pupils to complete their own! This resource includes a backing track and example. A way of approaching times tables from a more modern and relevant perspective. It may inspire those who do not like rap to adopt a Glee or other approach!

Holiday - Things to take

  • This is a resource supported with Widgit symbols. This resource is a set of flashcards with things to take on holiday.

Photo card generator

  • An excellent photo generator, suitable for use to produce visual flashcards and worksheets to support learning of ASD/SEN pupils across the curriculum.

Reward wristbands

  • Various editable sheets of wrist bands for use as rewards or reminders across all stages. Some alternative use ideas included too.

Environments Activity

  • Great for work outdoors! Activity to match animals to their environments, providing the opportunity to talk about why they live there, what the animals are called and so on.

Brazil topic pack

  • Written for KS3 EBD boys. There are links on the lesson plans to websites.

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