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Secondary Art - Photography

Photography is a strong and visually engaging topic for pupils of art which can form the basis for excellent class projects, investigations and individual portfolios.

This month we’re giving a special focus to TES Resources contributor Chris Monaghan who has shared some excellent photography resources for dealing with light, exposure, how cameras work, various types of images and how to produce them. Special thanks to Chris for sharing his material!


Twilight and Low-Light Photography

  • Selection of photographer’s images taken in low light conditions. Useful as an introduction / starting point for an assignment in which students photograph at night or in twilight conditions.

Composition and Visual Elements

  • These are two PowerPoint presentations for use with A level photography, but should also be useful for all art and design A level courses.


  • This resource is suitable for A level photography but also useful for other art-based courses.

The Portrait - Introduction

  • Designed primarily for A Level photography but also useful for other art-based courses. By the end of the lesson pupils should have a basic understanding of what a portrait is and how to create one.

Abstract Photography & Art

  • This powerpoint is primarily for the A level photography course but might be useful for other art and design courses as well.

The Still Life

  • Designed for use with A level photography, but might be adapted for use with other art & design courses. 1 Lighting & the ‘Still Life’ 2 Lesson Objectives By the end of the lesson all students will … Have a clear

Depth Of Field

  • Depth of Field is a measure of how much ‘depth’ of an image will be in focus.

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More photography resources

Fine art photography

  • A PowerPoint, worksheet and lesson on fine art photography with photographers’ names and websites.

History of photography

  • This is a Powerpoint presentation that made for sixth form BTEC Art students but could easily be used with GCSE students in either Art or Media Studies.

Changing eye colour in Photoshop

  • This is a handy step by step guide to one of many ways of changing an objects colour.


  • A look at what a photograms is, history and how they have been used by scientists, old artists and contemporary artists. Plus supporting worksheet with selected info and step by step guide.

Fashion photography notes

  • Notes to accompany PowerPoint presentation on fashion photography which include information on research websites, and photographers’ names.

Source magazine – Introduction to Photography

  • A series of structured learning packages, combining specially commissioned essays with selections of images from Source’s back catalogue.

Photography exposure guide

  • The pdf is for those new to the subject of photography and is an introduction to apertures and shutter speeds.

What is a histogram?

  • Useful instructions on how to read a histogram, understand shadows and highlights and develop IT skills.

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