TES teaching resources Drugs and Alcohol

Secondary PSHE - Drugs & Alcohol

Students can be tempted by the things they’re not allowed, particularly alcohol and drugs. Try these lesson plans and classroom activities to explain the law on and how to stay safe with legal and illegal substances.

Drug awareness

Drug quiz

  • Diseases, laws and drug types are covered in this plenary activity that tests students’ knowledge.

Drug policy

  • Why reinvent the wheel? This clear drug policy outlines procedures for dealing with drug use in school.

Drugs: Types and effects

  • Let students discover the facts themselves – this research task should make them think twice before taking illegal drugs.

Drug starters

  • This quiz, match-up activity and anagrams will ensure students don’t forget the effects of and laws on drugs.

Drug guidelines

  • Practical booklet showing students what to do if a friend has taken drugs - includes first aid tips and advice helplines.

Power of influence

  • Whether it’s famous celebrities or peers, students often feel influenced by the actions of others. Explore the relationship between peer pressure and drugs with this PowerPoint.

Specific drugs


  • Explore the dangers of the drug, which has become popular with young people over the past few years, with this lesson. There’s a video and debate about the drug’s classification.


  • This role-play debate encourages students to think about the different points of view people have of Cannabis.


  • A case study on Annabelle Catt, who took PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine) – a potentially lethal drug- believing it was ecstasy. Highlights the dangers of so called party drugs.


Binge drinking

  • What’s too much and what’s just enough? Explore the recommended unit allowance for men and women with this PowerPoint and lesson plan.

Alcohol: The facts

  • Factsheets on the physical and mental effects excessive drinking can cause.

Drinking decisions

  • Students’ decisions could save people’s lives in these case study activities. They must decide how to advise drunken friends who’ve drunk too much or want to drive home drunk.

It all adds up

  • Some alcohol-themed maths: students must work out how many pints of beer or glasses of wine puts them over the legal drink driving limit.

Drink driving: Don’t do it

  • A hard-hitting presentation about Jacqui, a girl whose life was changed by a drink driver.