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Secondary PE - Healthy lifestyes

Resources for Secondary Physical education lessons, on the topic of healthy eating and lifestyles, all shared by the teaching community on TES Resources.

Resources and ideas for lessons on healthy eating, exercise and the importance of physical activity. These resources can form the basis for a discussion or project around how to support a healthy lifestyle and also encourage pupils to adopt new habits as the weather improves!

Healthy Lifestyles


What is sport?

  • Presentation to examine what is sport including different types of activities and their benefits.

Circuit training station cards

  • A great mix of upper, lower body and cardiovascular exercises on cards. Easy to print off and laminate.

Badminton self- and peer-assessment book

  • Introduce your class to self- and peer-assessment with this great resource.

Optimum weight in sport

  • Podcast links with revision questions on the healthiest weight for achievements in sport.

Health-related fitness tests

  • Checklists and sheets for use when pupils are carrying out fitness tests.

Muscle identification and joint analysis

  • An excellent powerpoint presentation which identifies all the muscles in the body and looks at Joint Analysis. Suitable for AS & A-level PE.

Netball scheme of work

  • SOW for developing skills, making and applying decisions, developing physical and mental capacity, evaluating and improving and healthy lifestyles.

GCSE dance

  • Explore dance as fun physical activity - GCSE exam questions cover possible answers for this unit

Diet, nutrition and physical benefits

Healthy diet – why bother?

  • Use this PowerPoint resource on healthy eating to encourage your pupils to consider the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating Top Trumps

  • Introduce your pupils to the theme of healthy eating with a game of Top Trumps.

Images of the heart

  • Keeping your heart healthy is one of the main factors to having a healthy lifestyle - use images to stress the importance of this amongst young people.

Instant lesson

  • If this sounds too good to be true, all you need are supermarket receipts to help your pupils create shopper profiles!

Physical activity and lifestyle factors

  • A level PE lessons which received Ofsted grade 1 - produce an information fact sheet on lifestyle factors.


  • An article examining the increasing problem of obesity in children - a discussion starter to get pupils thinking.

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