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Primary RE - Christianity

In our multi-faith society, some pupils may need an introduction to Christianity in general. Here are hand-picked gems to provide information and to promote pupil discussion. If you have Primary RE Christianity resources you would like to add to this collection email resources@tes.co.uk

The following resources provide generic information on Christianity and faith topics:

Celebrating RE Month

  • A link to ideas and resources for pupils of all ages and abilities with downloadable materials in English and Welsh. There are also resources for SACREs, working with local and faith communities, RE competitions (with prizes!) and much more!

RE Online

  • A huge range of teacher and student resources for nine major religions plus Humanism.

Who What Where game

  • Images of religious places and customs are hidden behind jigsaw pieces, to reveal gradually as pupils guess their identity.

What is a Leader?

  • Introduction to the qualities of a good leader, to provoke discussion.

Leaders and Beliefs

  • An RE unit aimed at Y1, introducing ‘special people’, including Mohammed (pbuh), Jesus and Moses.

These resources include activities and presentations on aspects of Christianity and its teachings:


  • Absolutely fantastic site for Christianity resources for lessons and assemblies, including artwork and PowerPoint presentations to download.

Christian symbols

  • A very simple introduction to some Christian symbols.

Inside a Church

  • PowerPoint slideshow using 3D diagrams to show the features found inside a church.

Churches and Buildings

  • This simple PowerPoint encourages the children to think about different types of buildings that they know, linking to different types of churches.

Church Time Morph

  • Two photographs of St Thomas’s Church, Lancaster, taken fifty years apart, which blend into each other, making for a unique resource to stimulate discussion on the differences pupils can see and why these changes might have happened.

Christian Creation Story

  • The story of the 7 days of creation, aimed at EY or KS1.

Writing Sheets - Christianity

  • A variety of writing sheets with pictures for children to write captions and retell some of the stories from Jesus’s life.

Sermon on the Mount

  • Springboard into Christian teachings on how to behave towards others, using the Sermon on the Mount as a stimulus.

Exploring Parables

  • A video showing an RE lesson where a faith leader was invited into the school to tell the story of the Good Samaritan

Tempted in the Wilderness

  • The basic story of Jesus when tempted by Satan in the wilderness, and suggested activities exploring temptation.

The Bible, Jesus and Rules

  • Presentations, with related worksheets, on the Bible and Jesus as a leader - split by year group.

Create your own stained glass window

  • A sheet for pupils to create their own stained glass window for a local church.

These resources focus on Christian ceremonies:

The Rite of Holy Baptism

  • A video of a Church of England Baptism service, showing the significance of the sign of the cross, water and candles.


  • Pupils find out about Christian Baptism with this cut and paste activity, then role play and produce their own Baptism Certificate.

Wedding Role Play

  • The Order of Service for acting out a wedding role play, including what each key member must say.

At the Funeral

  • A sensitive issue for pupils to deal with and one with limited resources available. Here are a set of pictures which could be used as a discussion before a funeral or as an RE resource.

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