TES teaching resources sex and relationships

Help students explore their sexual and gender identity with these teaching resources covering safe sex and pregnancy as well as homosexual and heterosexual relationships. We have PowerPoints, videos and games to prepare you for teaching this sensitive element of PSHE.

Videos from Teachers TV

Relationships - Getting wed

  • Listen to teenagers discuss their opinions about marriage and divorce in this Teachers TV video.

Relationships - Loving you

  • Resources to help pupils engage in discussions about the emotions of teenage relationships.

Relationships - Me and you

  • Students can debate and discuss what makes a healthy and unhealthy relationship with this presentation.

Safe sex

Shout all about it

  • Students shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about contraception; try this PowerPoint and leaflet activity getting students to educate their peers about different safe sex options.

Full facts

  • Handy factsheets that explain different contraception methods concisely and clearly – perfect for students to understand.

Sex myths

  • Break down contraception myths and answer FAQs so students don’t have to ask with this colourful and informative presentation.


  • Explain the consequences of unsafe sex with this hard hitting PowerPoint containing images and shocking statistics.

STI sorting cards

  • Revise sexual health with these cards featuring sexually transmitted infections.

Why protect?

  • Highlight the risks of unprotected sex with this game and quiz.

Pregnancy and parenting

  • Presentation looking at the issues faced by teen parents.

Teenage mums

  • What is life really like for three teenage mothers-to-be? This Teachers TV video can be used as a starting point to an engaging class discussion.

Teenage dads

  • Following three young fathers in Sunderland, this Teachers TV programme looks at what is being done to help teenage fathers, often ignored in the issue of teenage pregnancy.

Sex in the Classroom

  • Jonathon Dimbleby leads a debate about teen pregnancy in Britain and issues surrounding lack of adequate sex education.


What to think about abortion?

  • Help pupils come to their own decision with this overview of laws and beliefs from around the world.

Religious thoughts

  • A detailed study guide introducing how abortion is perceived in several religions.

Different teens

  • Case study scenarios to use in group discussions about abortion.

Pro-choice or pro-life?

  • Look over the secular arguments for and against abortion with this quick reference sheet.

Sex and the law

Underage: does it matter?

  • Discussion points are raised in this PowerPoint – great for a class debate about underage sex.

Sexual bullying

Beat the bullies

  • Try this BeatBullying guide for ideas on helping students stand up to sexual bullies.

Stop sexual bullying

  • A presentation and lesson plan introducing students to the seriousness of sexual bullying.

What is Sexual Bullying?

  • Teens talk about how to combat sexual bullying in schools in this Teachers TV video.

Sex, the internet, pornography

The problems with sexting

  • Detailed lesson plan with resources to help you combat this modern trend.

Four steps to trouble

  • The law, the consequences and how to stay safe from sexting.

Sex online

  • SexEdUKcation shares this detailed guide to tackling the topic of pornography in the classroom.

Same sex relationships

Am I normal?

  • Questions and answers to help you support students who are not sure, or ashamed, of their sexuality.

Homophobia: Let’s tackle it

  • Show racism the red card shares a wonderful resource jam-packed with celebrities, tasks and discussion points to banish homophobia from school.

Blue or pink

  • Break down gender stereotypes with activity ideas from Discover Human Rights.

Same Sex Relationships

  • Resources to helps students consider their attitudes towards same sex relationships and support friends in diverse relationships.

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