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Primary History - Toys from the past

Compare toys from the past with modern ones - activities include worksheets, sorting, colouring and games

Toys old and new

  • A set of pictures to use as posters or as laminated cut-outs for discussion or for playing games.

Comparing toys old and new

  • A perfect cut and stick resource for comparing toys old and new.

Changes in My Granny’s Lifetime

  • Use timelines and artefacts to discover information about pupils’ parents and grandparents’ childhood.

Toy sorter

  • Drag toys into the sorting basket then sort them into groups with this fun activity from TESiboard.

Pictogram - favourite toys

  • Ask pupils to collect information on favourite toys, as a class or within groups, and to then display the data in a pictogram.

TESiboard Classroom Museum

  • A simple but fun TESiboard sorting activity.

Toys from the past parent survey

  • This activity asks pupils to find out about the toys their parents and grandparents used to play with.

A Toy’s Story topic planning

  • Excellent, cross-curricular topic planning for A Toy’s Story, all about toys from the past.

Past toys from 1900

  • Ask pupils to look at the family photograph that was taken in 1900. Ask them to try and spot any toys in the photograph.

Toys - Interactive information book

  • Interactive book containing information about toys past and present.

How toys have changed

  • An interactive resource that introduces simple timelines by looking at toys.

Identify old and new toys

  • Worksheet to label the toy pictures as either old or new.

History of the Teddy Bear

  • How the teddy bear came to be and teddy bear timeline.

Shopping for toys

  • A whiteboard resource that gets pupils to imagine they are in an old toyshop - what toys would they choose?