The TESiboard Christmas collection

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The TESiboard Christmas collection

Christmas is on us! Buy decorations for the tree, create a starry night sky or design Santa’s sleigh – below are just a few ideas for Christmas related activities from TESiboard.

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Nativity Story Book (KS1)

  • The story of the Nativity, told for KS1 with full sound support.

Nativity Book and Quiz (KS2)

  • The Christmas Story, illustrated and with comprehension questions for each page

Nativity Sequence / Retell (KS1)

  • Arrange the 7 scenes on the timeline and write captions to re-tell the story.

Nativity Sequence / Retell (KS2)

  • Arrange the 9 scenes on the timeline and write captions to re-tell the story.

Nativity Story Story Builder (EY/KS1)

  • Write an illustrated recount or story, with this versatile interactive template.

Nativity Story (EY)

  • Four interactive scenes to rebuild, for pupils to discuss and re-tell the Christmas Story.

Santa’s Sleigh (EY)

  • Choose the appearance of Santa’s sleigh, to practise ICT skills or to stimulate stories based on the child’s choices for the picture.

Christmas Card Designer (EY/KS1)

  • Produce a complete Christmas card, including design and message, as well as address label and stamp for the envelope.

Label or thank you letter (EY/KS1)

  • A writing frame for pupils to make their own Christmas present label or thank you letter.

Present List Writer (EY/KS1)

  • Create a present list for Father Christmas. Includes optional sound support and word bank.

Maths (KS1/2)

Christmas Symmetry Game

  • Finish decorating the Christmas tree by mirroring the baubles on the opposite side. Press check to see how you did!

Christmas Symmetry - Teaching Version

  • Finish decorating the Christmas tree by mirroring the baubles on the opposite side. (Teaching version)

Decoration Buyer

  • Pupils use multiplication and addition to decide how many of each decoration to buy, within a budget, and then dress the tree.

Big Star Maker

  • A simple activity to create a star, useful for adding to a display. Pupils can choose colour, number of points and opacity.

Christmas Tree Maker

  • Pupils can work with the set of shapes to make a Christmas tree. Talking about and using the range of tools will cement mathematical language.

Christmas Present Sorting

  • Choose to sort the presents by shape, colour or size as they come off the conveyor belt.

Christmas Ribbon Sorting

  • Uncurl and sort the ribbons based on their length.

Star Scene

  • Generate stars using multiple, rotated triangles and different opacities.

Present Stacking

  • Can pupils manipulate the shapes to make them fit together efficiently? An excellent introduction to tessellation and rotation.

Maths / ICT (Early Years)

Stacking the Sleigh

  • An ordering activity where pupils help Santa stack the presents into size order, before delivering them down the correct chimneys.

Wrapping Paper Maker

  • A shape and space activity to design wrapping paper using repeating patterns of images.

Christmas Ribbon Pairs

  • Choose the ribbons that make matching pairs to wrap each present.

Dress Santa

  • A simple control activity to dress Santa and his elf.


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