TESiboard - First days back

The first days back at school can be frightening for young pupils; shaky handwriting and confusion over letters can make literacy in particular a daunting prospect. With that in mind, TESiboard has put these interactive resources together that are great for exciting students about literacy and technology from the start of term right to the end of the year. Try these 15 resources for the first 15 days, using each as a starter for a themed day’s activities.

Getting ready for school - presentation

  • Help your pupils discover the difference between the anecdotal and the instructional with this non-fiction instructional language activity

Getting ready for school - sequencer

  • How do your pupils get ready for school? Find out with this sequencer that requires students to put morning activities in order on a timeline.

Getting ready for gym - presentation

  • Get your students to compile a personal report on getting ready for gym class with this non-fiction instructional language activity.

Getting ready for gym - sequencer

  • Teach your pupils to get ready for gym class with this sequencer that requires students to put activities in order on a timeline.

Going to school, I see…

  • Make a rolling scene of a simple journey, such as one to school, and the landmarks seen on the way.

My address

  • Pupils can use this template to create their own name and address labels with personalised illustrations.

Travelling to school

  • Compare ways of travelling to school and help three different virtual children on their way to school using different transport methods.

Classroom equipment - list maker

  • You can build a classroom equipment list, item by item, annotate it with quantities and edit the item name if required thanks to this resource.

What’s the weather?

  • Discuss today’s weather and ask pupils to choose appropriate clothing to suit the climate outside the classroom. A good first day activity that can become a daily starter.

Season scene

  • Create a virtual scene for each season or a specific one for the weather outside your classroom, adding objects and choosing the right clothes along the way.

Dress Humpty

  • Match clothes to weather conditions with this Humpty Dumpty-themed resource.

Bear abroad: Postcard maker

  • This interactive writing frame helps pupils make a postcard. Choose a background and appropriate wording from the lists or leave blank to print and draw your own holiday destination.

My address

  • Create your own address label with personalised illustrations with this interactive resource.

Colour it in

  • This simple introductory colouring activity is a great way for young children to get to grips with mouse control and onscreen tools.

Bear’s dance moves (directional game)

  • This is a fun TESiboard interactive where pupils follow simple directions to move the bear up, down, left and right.

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