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TESiboard is a growing library of highly visual, open-ended, interactive resources, freely available on TES.

Resources cover ALL objectives for Primary Maths and Literacy at KS1 and KS2, as well as partial coverage of other Primary and EY subjects. Many of our resources are also well-loved by SEN teachers. Our high quality, open-ended tools and activities provide both the stimulus and framework to make learning creative and fun.

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The collections below gather together sets of resources that fall within a topic or theme, for handy reference.

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TESiboard Literacy collections

Word Work

Spelling and Word Games


Traditional Tales

Stories with Familiar Settings

Stories with Fantasy Settings


Explanation Texts

Information Texts

Instructional Writing

Journalistic Writing (KS2)

TESiboard Numeracy Collections

Shape and Space

Position, direction and movement (for KS1)


Time (KS1)

Comparing Size (KS1)

Capacity (KS1)

Height and Length (KS1)

TESiboard Science Collection

Living Things


TESiboard Geography Collection


TESiboard History Collection

Kings, Queens and Rulers

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The TESiboard collections are a subset of a larger index of resource collections put together by TES. To see the full TES index go to classroom resource collections index.