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Instructional Writing - a TESiboard Non-Fiction Collection

Pupils first learn of instructions in list formats, such as personal reminders and simple planning notes, and soon move onto writing their own instructions for everyday activities and processes. Instructional writing uses the second person, imperative mood (or ‘bossy verbs’) and often employs time connectives, such as ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘finally’. The correct order of instructions is vital, so sequencing activities are widely used.

This TESiboard collection has three types of interactive activity, covering 8 familiar topics. The resources have sound support and are suitable for many SEN pupils as well as KS1.

Planning Template

Pupils build an equipment list and sequence the instructions for the various topics, which can be printed off as a record. Each item can have a quantity and picture added and the names edited. Pupils select the instructions, changing their order as necessary.


These are presented in the first person, as a personal report. Pupils can change the reports into instructions, by using the imperative.


Pupils review each of the instructions and drag them into order onto the timeline. They can then play back the sequence to check it looks and sounds right. There is also an editing mode, for pupils to rewrite the instructions in their own words.

Growing a Bean - Planning Templatee

Growing a Bean - Presentation

Growing a Bean - Sequencer

Making Fairy Cakes - Planning Template

Making Fairy Cakes - Presentation

Making Fairy Cakes - Sequencer

Making a Kite - Planning Template

Making a Kite - Presentation

Making a Kite - Sequencer

Planning a Party - Planning Template

Planning a Party - Presentation

Planning a Party - Sequencer

Getting Ready for School - Presentation

Getting Ready for School - Sequencer

Getting Ready for Gym - Presentation

Getting Ready for Gym - Sequencer

Making a Clay Coil Pot - Presentation

Making a Clay Coil Pot - Sequencer

Making a Picture on the Computer - Sequencer

Making a Picture on the Computer - Presentation

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