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TESiboard is a growing collection of highly visual, open-ended, interactive resources. The activities mainly cover KS1 objectives, with KS2 resources currently in development.

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Phonics Sampler, a TESiboard Collection

TESiboard now has over 200 interactive resources to teach phonics and high frequency words. All the content has a sound pedagogical base, using the progression sequence found in Letters and Sounds. Full coverage of phase 2 through to phase 5 ensures you have activities for whatever stage your pupils are at.

The interactives are suitable to use as teaching tools at the whiteboard but also clear and simple enough for pupils to use independently or in small groups with a teaching assistant. Choose which phonemes to include from each set, to focus accurately, target new learning and assess progress.

The links below are just a small sample of our phonics resources from various phases but ALL the activities are available at ALL phases. You can reach the full set by clicking here.

Split words into component sounds:

Robot Buttons (phase 2, sets 1-3 GPCs)

Word Machine Segmenter (phase 2, sets 1-5 GPCs)

Find the missing phoneme:

My Robot (phase 3, the 4 consonant digraphs)

Make phrases using decodable and high frequency words:

Robot Phrases (phase 3, vowel graphemes)

Sort real and fake words:

Space Treasure (phase 2, sets 1-2 GPCs)

Play spelling games:

Planet Explorer (phase 4, CCV and CCVC words)

Launch a Rocket (phase 5, alternative pronunciation)

TESiboard also has a range of activities to help pupils practise high frequency and tricky words. Get to them via the collection in our resource index.

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