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Water; TESiboard Interactive Whiteboard Geography Collection

The importance of water cannot be underestimated: it covers around 70% of the Earth’s surface and all known forms of life depend upon it. Therefore, when there is too much or too little water in certain places, the effects can be severe and wide-reaching.

This collection has been put together for Oxfam’s Water Week, but the resources are equally useful for any geography unit where water is studied. The interactive books can form part of a literacy non-fiction topic and the persuasive writing activities allow pupils to design and write their own leaflets around the subject of water vulnerability.

The photos used are with the kind permission of Oxfam.

The following interactive information books address the subject of water vulnerability, with photo illustrations. Each has an accompanying Word document with images and captions for extension activities.

Drought Interactive Information Book

Flood Interactive Information Book

Water Infrastructure Interactive Information Book

The following resources can form part of persuasive writing lessons. They provide pupils with a choice of formats, together with images and snippets of information, in order to design and write their own leaflets on the topic of water vulnerability:

Persuasive Writing - Drought Leaflet

Persuasive Writing - Flood Leaflet

Persuasive Writing - Water Infrastructure Leaflet

This book forms part of TESiboard’s extensive non-fiction collection and covers the natural world, including the water cycle, weather, seas and rivers:

Geography Interactive Information Book


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