TESMaths resources

New secondary maths resources now available for KS3 & KS4 and Post-16


Indices rules bingo

  • A bingo game which tests the laws of indices

Surds starter

  • A simple starter activity to use at the beginning of lessons to get pupils thinking


  • Interactive whiteboard resources covering place value, ordering and number types

Numeracy skills booklet

  • Interactive resources and self-marking worksheets covering key skills and processes



Trial and improvement

  • Practice paper and worksheet covering up to level 6

Straight line graphs

  • Comprehensive presentation covering key aspects of plotting straight line graphs



Linear regression

  • A presentation with problems, solutions and examples of linear regression

Representing data

  • A quick run through of types of data, steam and leaf, grouped frequency and cumulative frequency

Probability number rule

  • A selection of 6 problems covering probability and trials

Line of best fit

  • Interactive resources and notes for creating scatter diagrams


Geometry and measures


  • Lessons on the properties of vectors with animated worked problems

Calculate the volume of a cone and sphere

  • Animated slides dealing with a composite shape made from a cone and sphere

Area of a circle

  • Worksheet and practice sheet including several problems for calculating solutions


  • Worksheets and practice paper up to level 6