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May 2012

Monday 14th


  • (1796) Edward Jenner injects 8-year-old James Phipps with pus, making Phipps immune to smallpox and Jenner the first person to administer a vaccination. The disease, which had previously killed 1 in 3 sufferers, was now preventable and the discovery revolutionised medical treatment. Try a differentiated introduction by sgreen2.
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Tuesday 15th

Family time

  • ‘Ensuring work family balance’ is the theme of this year’s international day of families, celebrated today. Take some time out and have fun with those you consider family – whether they be blood-relatives or close companions. Encourage students to talk about family to foreign friends with a French lesson from SeverineM.
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Wensday 16 th

Oscar’s birth

  • (1929) The first Academy Awards ceremony is held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. Emil Jannings wins best actor and Janet Gaynor takes home the award for best actress, while Paramount Famous Lasky’s ‘Wings’ is honoured as Outstanding Picture. Check out the TES Oscars collection for some rewarding resources.
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Thursday 17th

First in the freeze

  • (2000) After 67 days traversing 700 miles of ice, on foot, Corporal Alan Chambers and marine Charlie Paton become the first Britons to reach the North Pole unaided. Explore the fascinating Arctic without the grueling journey with jesswades’ cold climate presentation.
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Friday 18th

Troubled teens

  • (1964) Several seaside resorts are stormed by Mods and Rockers as violent clashes between the two youth sub-cultures break out. With their contrasting fashions, music and modes of transport the two groups frequently fought in the 50s and 60s inspiring the national press to demonise them. Sociologist Stanley Cohen penned his theory of moral panic based on media reports of the rivals. Introduce students to his ideas with a PowerPoint from JodiP.
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Saturday 19th

Fanning the flame

  • The Olympic torch will travel within 10 miles of 95% of Briton’s homes after it sets off from Land’s End, Cornwall today. The torch, and relay, has been an important element of Olympic traditions since the Ancient Greek games where a sacred flame would burn continually on the altar of Hera. It is still lit at the altar today. Build up anticipation for this summer’s Games with the TES London 2012 collection.

Sunday 13th

National Epilepsy Week

  • Celebrate the achievements of people with epilepsy and help students to understand the effects of the condition. Explore employer views on epilepsy (and other long-term medical conditions) in a 2002 report shared by ADDers-org, and get students finding out whether things have changed.
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