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Find a topical resource for every day of the week

May 2012

Monday 28th

World Hunger Day

  • A day to raise awareness of the 1 billion people who live in extreme hunger and poverty around the world. Explore the problems of malnutrition with an assembly from Christian Aid.
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Tuesday 29th

Bending Space

  • (1919) An expedition led by Sir Arthur Eddington observes the position of stars close to the sun during a solar eclipse and proves Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity to be true. Explain how Einstein was correct with MissAli87’s lesson.
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Wensday 30th

The Maid of Orléans

  • (1431) Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen, France at the age of 19. Having said she was influenced by visions of angels to drive the English out of France, she accompanied the French army until her capture in 1430. Help students learn about the life of Joan with a research task from dsoggiu.
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Thursday 31st

Big Yellow Taxi

  • (1907) The first yellow taxis appear on the streets of New York City when Harry N. Allen started his business – the New York Taxicab Company. Originally red and green, the design was changed to yellow in order that they could be seen from afar. Save pupils from the chaos of the city roads and explore NYC from the comfort of the classroom with coreenburt’s resource pack.

Friday 1st June


  • (1938) The first issue of Action Comics reveals the world’s first super hero – Superman, who would go on to appear in numerous comic books, TV series and films for decades to come. Get students involved in their own comic book project with a lesson from johncallaghan.
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Saturday 2nd June

Royal Britannia

  • Celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee weekend of Queen Elizabeth II start today. She is only the second British monarch – after Queen Victoria – to reach the marker. Rejoice with the TES Diamond Jubilee collection.

Sunday 3rd June

End of Union

  • (2006) The union of Serbia and Montenegro comes to an end after 14 years, after a successful referendum leads to Montenegro formally declaring its independence. The country had not seen true independence since the early 20th century. For some quick facts about Bosnian War and the Balkan states try JodiP’s handout.
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