Top 10 English teaching resources

We’ve compiled the Top 10 English resources downloaded by you in 2012. Celebrate and prepare for next year by sharing these resources with your pupils and colleagues.

Punctuation worksheet

  • An excellent worksheet to remind your pupils about the correct use of punctuation.

Skellig SoW

  • Take your class through the novel ‘Skellig’ with this lovely scheme of work which includes a range of different activities.

Grammar basics flashcards

  • For teachers wishing to brush up on their grammar, these ‘desk drawer’ flashcards are ideal to refer to in the middle of lessons.

APP writing assessment grids

  • Download these must-have APP writing assessment grids, covering levels 2-8, in Word format.

Spelling Handbook

  • This spelling handbook includes information for teachers on common spelling patterns and useful strategies as well as spelling and phonic games.

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

  • A great selection of lesson plans and activities for ‘Stone Cold’.

Writing to describe

  • A series of fantastic lesson plans, with a focus on creative writing, to accompany study of the novel ‘Stone Cold’.

Persuasive Techniques

  • A PowerPoint and accompanying worksheet which cover persuasive writing techniques.

Of Mice and Men

  • A lovely collection of resources to support the teaching of ‘Of Mice and Men’.

Creative Writing Prompts PowerPoint

  • A lovely PowerPoint to stimulate short, 10-minute, creative writing tasks