Top 10 Maths teaching resources

We have compiled the Top 10 Maths resources shared by teachers on TES and downloaded by you in 2012. Sports themes and topical news resources will help you to bring algebra, fractions and decimals to life by giving your lessons contextual relevance for your budding mathematicians.

London 2012 Olympics maths

  • An excellent range of activities to support the delivery of topics with a 2012 Olympics theme.

Algebra simplifying trail

  • This is a great treasure hunt worksheet that will help your pupils understand algebra.

Real life maths displays

  • A fabulous set of wall displays focused on maths in the news and in the workplace.

World Cup mean, median, mode and range activity

  • Help your pupils to work out the mean, median, mode and range in this World Cup themed activity.

Maths relay races

  • A fantastic activity where pupils work in pairs to solve questions in a race against the clock.

Maths investigations

  • A brilliant series of investigations aimed at different levels to support differentiation.

Equivalent fractions and decimals chatterbox

  • This interactive worksheet leads to a fun activity where children ask and answer equivalence questions.

Equivalent fractions

  • This animated PowerPoint demonstration features plenty of examples to help pupils convert, compare, cancel and order fractions.

Algebra quizzes

  • Some lovely PowerPoint quizzes on algebraic topics, including sequences and graphs, simplification, formulae and equations.

Algebra flashcards

  • A wonderful set of starter activity flashcards on algebra.