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The Starter Generator shared by Mike Gershon

Many of mikegershon’s resources have become legendary within the TES community, but it is this resource, featuring 120 starter ideas for classes, that remains his most popular. TES user shar0n08 describes it as “a real inspiration” and many of the reviews of the resource simply thank him for uploading – one example is mpc, who lauds Mike for being “VERY generous with [his] talents,” adding: “it’s much appreciated”.

50 ideas for meeting your new class shared by tafkam

This resource is not only helpful and comprehensive; it is also a fantastic example of the depth of experience available on the TES forums. It was uploaded by tafkam, a prolific poster on the forums, who collated ideas posted by a number of teachers across several different forum threads to form a resource that has drawn a wide variety of superlatives from a range of TES users. stmbib is one such user, who states simply: “It’s good this. Thanks.”

VCOP Resource Bank shared by cariad2

VCOP refers to four essential elements for improving writing: vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation. As set out by Ros Wilson’s Big Writing teaching method, VCOP has become an integral part of literacy teaching in many primary classrooms. In this resource, cariad2 has provided a whole bank of ‘quick fire’ VCOP activities. It has been received with delight by NQTs and old hands alike, with TES user mit1999 calling it “mind-blowing”.

VCOP early morning activities shared by Bluerose

With 99 different VCOP activities to choose from, this resource is certainly extensive. Each slide has a complete VCOP activity which will take no more than a few minutes for your class to complete. Three hundred and forty seven people have taken the time to rate and review this fantastic resource – mostly with five stars. “Fantastic! What a treasure trove of ideas, my class loved this” says TES user Kerry110. Her comment is typical of the prevailing opinion about this fabulous resource.

Punctuation worksheet shared by Smudge78

This handy reminder about how to use different punctuation marks has been used by teachers working with children of all ages. “Just what I need to remind my lazy year 10s how to write!” says TES user Amelianolan, whilst Cally31 found it to be useful with younger pupils: “Lovely worksheet – useful for low ability year 7s as well as primary work”. At just one page long, Smudge78’s resource is the shortest in our top ten but this has in no way diminished its popularity with TES users.

Top ten behaviour management tips shared by MiniOwner

The advice shared in this resource by MiniOwner is indispensable for those new to the classroom and a great reminder for those with more experience. Popular year after year, it covers rules, rewards, routines and more. TES users particularly like the practical nature of MiniOwner’s suggestions; Trishpilon found it “very useful with some practical suggestions that I would not have thought of otherwise” and SallyLeung loved it for its “very practical suggestions, especially for challenging behaviours in the classroom”.

Back to school pack shared by sheep_tea

In the hectic run-up to the new academic year, sheep_tea’s comprehensive pack of resources has proved – as TES user DiiDii put it – “a great gift to teachers”. With flashcards, posters, nametags, welcome postcards and letters and a whole host of other handy resources, it’s easy to see why fellow TES user woollardb calls it “one of the best combinations of useful, practical, down to earth ‘back to school’ resources that I have used.”

Phase 3 lesson plans of letters and sounds phonics shared by reasid

It’s not often that lesson plans can lead to a declaration of love, but that’s just what happened to reasid with this resource. TES user SashaV couldn’t hide her admiration for the resource, explaining: “I now live in Australia and left behind all my letters and sounds resources and planning as I was not teaching here when we first moved. I was ready to do so much work over these holidays and you have saved me so much time.” Other reviews are similarly glowing, and many thank reasid for the time saved thanks to this resource.

Interactive Starters and Plenaries shared by jog_on

This collection of interactive starters and plenaries comes direct from the TES primary community. Members of the TES forum put their heads together to come up with the best ways to get children’s minds working at the start of a lesson and to assess their learning at the end. The resource is recommended by TES primary adviser Colin Hill, who thanks contributors for “helping to inspire teachers and students all over the world!”

Games to play in class shared by Waiguoren

Waiguoren began compiling this collection of classroom games after realising that “a good stock of games” was “the biggest asset” an ESL teacher could have. The stock continued to grow as Waiguoren moved through different ESL positions and eventually into primary teaching. Suitable for all ages and subjects, this extensive list of game ideas is a fantastic resource for any teacher hoping to promote what TES user Harveen Ahluwalia calls “fun-filled learning”.

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