Top 10 Science teaching resources

From discovering different types of microbes, to headline-making newspaper templates, inspiration for scientific demonstrations and even The Simpsons Family tree – we have all this on more here on TES to help you bring science alive in the classroom. All these resources are free to use, and are for teachers, by teachers.

Types of Microbes

  • A fabulous PowerPoint-based resource to introduce the topic of microbes and pathogens.

Food and Digestion Unit

  • A brilliant unit of work to introduce your class to food and digestion.

Science demonstrations

  • A fantastic booklet of scientific demonstrations.

Energy Resources Activity

  • Try this interactive activity to teach your class all about energy.

The Simpsons Family Tree

  • A hugely fun and engaging way of teaching Variation and Classification.

Newspaper template

  • Get your students thinking about science with this great newspaper template for them to create their own front page.

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Unit

  • A lovely mixture of resources to support the teaching of speed, velocity and acceleration.

Eatwell plate worksheet

  • Help your class to plan a balanced meal using the Eatwell plate model.

Sankey Diagrams

  • A simple, easy to use lesson plan and set of resources to develop pupils’ understanding of Sankey Diagrams.

Assessing pupils’ progress

  • A PowerPoint intended to act as an assessment aid for teachers whilst providing ready made slides for use in lessons.