Top 10 Secondary teaching resources

Whatever your subject, you are sure to find essential materials to arm your teacher’s toolkit with in this list of top ten secondary resources, as chosen by you.

2012 Ofsted observation criteria

  • A helpful pack containing everything you need to prepare for Ofsted.

The starter generator

  • There are more than 80 ideas on how to start your lesson in this essential classroom tool.


  • Support students whose punctuation is a little rusty with this worksheet covering the basics.


  • Spruce up your classroom with these inspirational quotes.

The Plenary Producer

  • Your final activity will be the last thing students remember; try these plenary tasks to make sure you go out with a bang.

Games to play in class

  • Pen and paper isn’t the only option! These games are a great way to reinforce learning.

Facebook template page

  • This profile page template is an accessible tool for revising important people, whether they are fictional characters or famous scientists.

Outstanding for Ofsted

  • These hints and tips will help you to write the perfect Ofsted lesson plan.

Passport to Year X

  • Prepare students for the year ahead with this transition activity - great for the start or end of the academic year.

Reading skills KS4

  • Prepare students for their GCSES by ensuring their close reading skills are in top shape.