Top Resources 2010

Top 5s - resources from 2010

A collection of the most popular resources shared throughout this year.

Top 5 Early years 2010

Reception report writing statements

  • Suggestions for statements suitable for reporting.

EYFS learning journey

  • Document each child’s learning journey.

Starting school / Ourselves topic planning

  • Planning ideas for the first 7 weeks of reception.

EYFS observation sheet

  • A learning story to record special achievements.

PSRN song booklet

  • Printable booklet full of number songs.

Top 5 Primary KS1

Continuous provision in year 1

  • Photos of a year 1 classroom to provide inspiration.

Reading and maths sub level targets

  • Targets for guided reading focus and maths targets.

Design a creature for a habitat

  • Science lesson and starter activity on living things topic.

Year 1 topic planning - Africa

  • 7 weeks cross curricular planning, including literacy plans on topic.

Pirates, mermaids and wild things

  • Cross curricular planning on different themes covering literacy, numeracy.

Top 5 Primary KS2

Street child resources

  • Smart notebooks and resources to accompany a text-based lesson.

Murder mystery maths

  • A fun cross-curricular lesson on science and data handling.

Activities for introducing spreadsheets

  • Useful introductory lesson for maths and ICT.

Cocktail party mini project

  • Plan a party in an engaging cross-curricular project.

Narrative poetry - The Highwayman

  • Two weeks of planning for a mixed ability class

Top 5 Secondary subjects

Top 5 Secondary English

Conflict & war poetry resources

  • A complete scheme of work with reading and creative assessment.

Superhero unit - comics in the classroom

  • Writing activities, powerpoints and film clips on comic topic.

Dragon’s Den: Discuss, argue, persuade

  • A unit of writing techniques with video clips.

Compare poetry from different cultures

  • Poetry resources to engage pupils exploring different poems.

Of Mice and Men resources 1 - 10

  • Content selection for TES English collection on the text.

Top 5 Secondary Maths

Speed tests

  • Maths quizzes with 20 seconds to answer.

Reflective drawing

  • Explore vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

GCSE revision starters

  • Revision activities and worksheets to use with most groups.

Straight line graphs and gradients

  • A variety of resources to explore various gradients and lines.


  • Interactive resources to demonstrate probability.

Top 5 Secondary MFL

Activities on healthy eating

  • Tv clips and resources to discuss healthy eating topic

French weekly revision exercises

  • Revision material based on real exam papers

Improve GCSE French writing & speaking

  • Tips and advice for pupils including writing mats

German holidays - countries & transport

  • Worksheets and powerpoints on different holiday destinations

Intro to Spanish - pub quiz

  • General knowledge pub quiz style questions