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Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with this collection of quizzes, games, videos, recipes, assemblies, lesson plans and more.

TES are working with partners Traidcraft & amp; Fairtrade Foundation to raise awareness of global trading, fairtrade farming and how pupils can make a difference. Traidcraft’s dedicated school resources include 100+ fairtrade-themed cross curricular lesson plans for key stage 1 - 4. Fairtrade Foundation are encouraging your pupils to ‘take a step’ towards supporting farmers and workers to strive towards a brighter future. Find their resources and those shared by the generous teaching community below.

Try these resources from TES partner Traidcraft:

How fairtrade changed History -KS3

  • Explore how fairtrade has made a difference to the lives of workers across the world through this lesson plan and case studies for History.

Though tree - KS2

  • Create a fairtrade tree in Citizenship to explain the importance of fairtrading.

Fairtrade mascot - KS3

  • Design a class fairtrade fortnight mascot to promote this year’s cause, a worthy art project.

Questions of justice - KS2/3

  • Is fairtrade an instrument of justice? Have students debate this with these stimuli.

Fairtrade feasting - KS3

  • For a fairtrade feast, get students stirred up designing a classroom cookbook.

Puzzling pieces - KS2

  • Piece by piece students can grasp the bigger picture of fairtrade with this jigsaw puzzle.

Spiritual trade - KS2

  • Can fairtrade be sacred? Explore the relationship between the Hindi values of Dharma and Karma and the ethos of the fortnight.

Homies harvesting - KS2

  • Get pupils communicating the hard hitting issues and raising awareness through the power of rap in this English lesson.

More resources on TES:

Blood Diamonds - KS4

  • What really is fair trade? Decision diamonds and discussions for Year 9 students.

Banana split - KS3

  • A bonanza of banana-trade activities, getting to the root of unfairness.

The full fairtrade story - KS3

  • Market the message and make a difference with this 9 lesson fairtrade exploration.

Googling Ghana - KS3

  • Use Google Earth to explore the countries where fairtrade is starting to have an impact in this Geography lesson.

Chomping Chocolate - KS3/4

  • Follow the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar.

Muddling over a mug of coffee - KS3

  • Quiz your students- they may drink coffee, but do they know where it comes from? who makes it? and what they have to do?

Banelino and Asobanu’s Bananas - KS3/4

  • Follow the story of Banelino and Asobanu, two fair-trade banana producers from the Dominican Republic, in this short film.

Mapping coffee - KS2

  • Where does coffee come from? Using Google pupils can create their own map to explore coffee growing regions.

Fairtrade Frenzy - KS3/4

  • What is fairtrade? Where does food come from? Answer all of your students’ questions with this extensive lesson plan pack.

Mouth-watering muffins - KS3

  • Fairtrade can be fun- show students with this tasty recipe.

Quizzing questions - KS1/2

  • Do your pupils ever wonder where their chocolate comes from? or how much farmers are paid for cultivating their food? Test their fairtrade knowledge with this interactive quiz.

The stitcher or farmer - KS2-4

  • A rhythm and rhyme for fairtrade fortnight.

Speaking the same language - KS3/ 4

  • Learn the lingo of local tradespeople in the Dominican Republic with fairtrade vocab in Spanish.

For more Fairtrade resources…

Fairtrade Fortnight lesson plans and ideas

  • The official Fairtrade Foundation website is full of activity ideas, PowerPoint presentations, tips from other schools and classroom resources (including pictures, posters and stickers).

Fairtrade Fortnight CAFOD

  • Website with many fair trade resources for citizenship and geography (primary and secondary).

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