Travel, tourism and leisure teaching resources

Travel and tourism

Resources on the global tourist industry, destinations and types of tourist suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational travel, tourism and leisure courses. From PowerPoints to starter activities, case studies to key skills, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Travel, tourism and leisure industry


  • Start the course by getting students to think about their own experiences with this gentle introduction the hectic industry of travel and tourism.

Global travel and tourism industry

  • GTTP’s passport to travel resources include an instructor guide, worksheets and glossary helping students get to the grips with the world of global travel.

UK travel and tourism industry

  • Students role-play as employees at a tourist information as part of this assignment to research travel and tourism organisations and their roles.

Leisure and Tourism eBook

  • NGfLCymrushares a detailed ebook that covers the travel and tourism industry in a nutshell, covering topics such as the impact of tourism, the attraction of certain destinations, the business of business tourism and why people travel.

Industry connections

  • Go deep into the depths of travel industry structure with this PowerPoint on the interrelationships of tourism providers.

Tourist destinations

Types of places

  • What kinds of places attract tourism? Students can think, discuss and share their ideas with these worksheets.

Long and short haul

  • These worksheets will help students to think about different destinations and the journeys involved in reaching them.

Case studies

Charity travel

  • A detailed case study about the work of Travel Concern, a charity working with volunteers abroad.


  • How did this seaside town become a tourist destination? Explore Britain’s iconic location with this case study.

Rollercoaster ride

  • Treat students to a trip and investigate the history and services of Alton Towers theme park. This collection of resources will help you prepare.

Marketing a destination

Marketing in travel and tourism

  • Help students understand the facts and theory as they learn how to identify strengths and weaknesses of a place they need to market.

A Scottish challenge

  • Try this marketing case study focusing on the problems facing Visit Scotland.

Marketing workbooks

  • Case studies, target market and questionnaire templates are explored in this resource pack for a unit on marketing.

Marketing mix

  • A prop-based lesson to help illustrate the concept of the leisure and tourism product.

Types of tourists and travel

Tourist profiles

  • Introduce students to the numerous types of tourists they may encounter in the work place.

Destination: Anywhere

  • From holiday camps to luxury cruises, destination choices to package holidays: students should be confident in discussing lots of different types of tourist trips with this complete unit of work from NGfLCymru.

Tourist types

  • A worksheet for entry level students using images to help them identify different types of travellers.

Movie travel

  • Seen it on the silver screen? This range of resources explains how movie locations turn sites into tourist attractions and explores the pros and cons of this.

Starter activities

Changes to the face of leisure

  • A quick and easy-to-use true or false activity to highlight how the concept of leisure is changing.

Which job? Which industry?

  • See how much students understand about job roles with this pictorial starter to get them motivated from the outset.

Why travel?

  • A quick, image-prompt recap activity encouraging students to identify seven reasons for travelling.

Tourism: Good or bad?

  • Explore the benefits and negatives of tourism with this card sorting activity ideal for triggering class discussion.

Travel searching

  • Revise types of holiday with a puzzling wordsearch.

Key skills

Reading tables

  • From rotas to timetables, understanding how to read tables is a crucial skill for tourist workers. This NGfLCymru resource will help them to practice.


  • Don’t let students overlook the importance of maths skills, try this NGfLCymru resource to fine-tune estimation skills.

Presentation skills

  • The tone and style with which workers in the travel industry present themselves is key.NGfLCymru are on hand with this resource to help students develop key skills for the industry.

Foreign languages

  • Speaking another language is an added bonus to any tourist workers’ CV. Try some of the best MFL resources on TES to help them get started.


Leisure careers

  • Help students plan their future with this overview of leisure jobs and career routes.

Travel and tourism

  • From entry to managerial jobs, students can map out career plans with this overview of travel and tourist services.

Tourist jobs

  • Explain what it may be like to work in holiday centres and self-catering properties with this detailed career guide.

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