VCE - ICT Teacher - part time

VCE - ICT Teacher - part time

Oakleigh Grammar School, Victoria


Oakleigh Grammar School is a medium sized School for both boys and girls. Oakleigh Grammar offers high quality educational programs across a wide spectrum of academic ability. There is an emphasis on personal excellence and on continuous improvement. High quality co-curricular sport and personal development programs seek to develop the abilities and interests of all students. All teaching staff and students at Oakleigh Grammar are involved in the cocurricular program.


The underlying ethos of Oakleigh Grammar seeks to develop sound Christian values, which will equip students with the appropriate wisdom, attitudes, skills and knowledge to lead a fulfilling and productive life in which service to others is a key aspect.


Members of staff at Oakleigh Grammar are expected to support and extend the school’s ethos and culture, foster in their students the enjoyment of learning and challenge, provide opportunities for students to participate in the wider life of the school, while aiming for and forming a broad world outlook. Staff should also be prepared to continue professional development and/or further education throughout their career.As part of its commitment to equip students to manage change in the twenty-first century, Oakleigh Grammar has invested in appropriate technology.


All staff are required to have an appreciation of, and to comply with, health and safety, privacy, equity and equal opportunity principles and legislation.


Reports to: As defined the Principal or his delegate in letter of Appointment


Level: Appropriate level in accordance with the Teaching Scale


Purpose: Classroom Teacher


The essential role of a classroom teacher at Oakleigh Grammar is to provide a happy, rigorous, inclusive, nurturing, encouraging, caring and safe learning environment where each student is challenged to achieve their personal best in accordance with the Oakleigh Grammar School Operational Plan, the Strategic Plan and Christian Ethos of the School.


The classroom teacher is required to work in a collegiate manner in partnership with fellow teachers and members of the Oakleigh Grammar Community.


Major Duties:


In addition to the general purpose of a classroom teacher, some duties will need to be performed at times outside school hours, such as Parent Teacher interviews and Community activities.Duties may be varied by the School from time to time in accordance with the School’s operational requirements.There is a general expectation that every teacher will act in accordance with the Victorian Institute of Teaching Standards of Practice for Full Registration (Appendix 3) and the Performance Criteria reflect this expectation.


Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reporting:

  • Develop a stimulating, inclusive learning environment by using a variety of styles and approaches to cater for individual learning needs and learning styles.
  • Actively employ contemporary Information and Communications Technologies that enhance learning.
  • Use a variety of relevant and appropriate assessment and evaluation techniques to regularly assess student progress.
  • Employ a variety of teaching strategies to effectively implement the curriculum and actively engage students in the learning process.
  • Participate in the preparation and maintenance of teaching resources and learning materials.
  • Provide regular, timely and positive feedback to each student on their progress.
  • Provide formal, interim and semester reports to parents and students that conform to the Oakleigh Grammar Reporting Style Guide.
  • Be available for, and participate in, Parent/Teacher interviews.
  • Participate in Professional Learning so as to increase professional knowledge, strengthen teaching effectiveness and improve outcomes for students.
  • Maintain current understanding regarding changes and developments in curriculum as it applies to teaching areas.
  • Actively participate in faculty, sectional or Year Level committees while developing and maintaining effective professional partnerships with colleagues.



  • Participate in Year Level meetings and in Year Level activities.
  • Respond efficiently and effectively to student pastoral care issues.
  • Work with others to maintain a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect that values the unique nature of each individual.
  • Maintain an understanding of, and develop responses to, the special learning needs of all students.
  • Understand, support and utilise School policies regarding student management and harassment.
  • Participate in the management of students with allergies and other medical or psychological disorders.
  • Attend services of worship and assemblies of students as requested and support the Orthodox Education Program of the School.
  • General (For tasks specific to the Junior School, Middle School or Senior School see Appendices)


All teachers at Oakleigh Grammar are expected to:

  • Maintain effective, positive and cohesive working relationships with all members of the School community.
  • Punctually attend all timetabled lessons and other timetabled duties.
  • Maintain accurate records of student attendance using the technology adopted by the School.
  • Complete administrative tasks, accurately and in a timely manner including record keeping, using the technology adopted by the School.
  • Diligently undertake yard duty and other supervision duties as requested.
  • Take ‘extra’ classes as negotiated (only a reasonable number per week as determined by mutual agreement).
  • Attend staff meetings, pastoral meetings and other learning area meetings and briefings.
  • Attend Presentation Night, Open Day and staff professional development activities.
  • Support and comply with relevant legislative/regulatory requirements such as Occupational Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity, Discrimination, Harassment and Privacy.
  • Support and comply with Oakleigh Grammar’s policies and procedures as detailed on the Oakleigh Grammar Intranet.


Undertake other duties, which from time to time may reasonably be required, within the scope of the classroom teacher’s role as directed by the Principal.



The School has a co-curricular program. Oakleigh Grammar School feels this is an essential element of the education for each student. The School does not see this as an ‘extra-curricular” program but rather as part of the expectation for all students.


A teacher at Oakleigh Grammar is encouraged to participate in two co-curricular activities per year. These cocurricular activities could include coaching sport, drama and debating Knowledge and Understanding


The role requires the following knowledge and understanding:

  • Depth of knowledge of the relevant subject area
  • Understanding of children, stages of development, multiple intelligences and learning styles.
  • Understanding of best practice in the education of boys and girls from the Early Learning stages through to



  • Understanding of current theory in teaching and learning pedagogy and pastoral welfare.
  • Good understanding of learning technologies and their application to enhance learning.
  • Good understanding of contemporary technologies as they apply to modern classroom and familiarity with relevant subject specific and Microsoft Software applications.



The role requires the following Skills:

  • High level teaching skills, with relevant capacity to provide a dynamic and pro-active student-focused teaching environment.
  • Capacity to work with multi-ability groups
  • Capacity to provide innovation in education


Efficient organisation

  • Clear communication
  • Capacity to interact interpersonally
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Capacity to contribute positively to the School’s co-curricular program.



The role requires the following attributes:

  • Compassion, patience, initiative and flexibility
  • Capacity to work as part of a team
  • Capacity to model good leadership
  • Willingness to take part in School’s co-curricular program
  • Demonstrated commitment to professional and lifelong learning
  • Commitment to uphold and contribute to the Orthodox ethos of the School.
  • Capacity and willingness to contribute to the vision and mission of Oakleigh Grammar


How to apply; 

Applications are to be marked:

Private & Confidential
Mr Mark Robertson
Oakleigh Grammar
PO Box 2120
Oakleigh VIC 3166

or by email to:


School Details

77-81 Willesden Road
PO Box 2120
Tel: (03) 9569 6128
Fax: (03) 9568 6558



Close Date: 11th September 2013


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