Vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation are the key ingredients for creating splendid sentences. Try this range of free resources to help your pupils vary vocab, perfect punctuation and conquer connectives.

Off to a flying start

  • Keep pupils on their toes with these quick fire VCOP challenges – a great source for starter ideas.

Impact with immediacy

  • This PowerPoint presentation has lots of ideas for boosting big writing.

VCOP of kings

  • Pyramids of words and punctuation marks come alive in this animated Ancient Egypt VCOP PowerPoint with posters.

Wizard words

  • Sprinkle a little magic on your lesson to inspire cool connectives and ambitious vocabulary.

Ban boring

  • The VCOP superheroes arrive with a pow, a wow and a bang. Violet Vocab, the Incredible Opener, Captain Connective and Dr Punctuation are ready to battle boredom with sizzling sentences.

Creative contributors

  • TES forum users’ activity ideas collated in one handy place – a treasure trove of inspiration.

Super, splendid, scintillating sentences

  • Uplevel writing with a little competition. This 2-player game is a test of quick wit and creativity.

Singing for sentences

  • Use the tune of Frere Jacques to help pupils remember VCOP.

Early rising writers

  • Wake up sleepy heads with these early-morning activities.

VCOP highlights

  • Let your pupils show off their knowledge by highlighting examples of vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.

Running up the rungs

  • Pupils can show off their VCOP progress with this colourful success ladder.


  • The superheroes strike again! Pyramids decorated in helpful hints serve as a reminder for pupils.

Strictly come writing

  • Pupils can spell out the importance of VCOP with this playscript based on the popular reality TV show.

Big writing pack

  • This resource provides a strategy for teachers to inspire creative big writing.

Writing skills for secondary school

  • A resource pack and guide to help secondary teacher adopt the primary VCOP techniques and improve weaker students’ writing.

Stepping stones

  • From red hot sentences to story mountains, there’s plenty here to make the writing process as creative as the written word.

Super powers

  • Great display posters revealing the VCOP superheroes’ super powers. Help pupils see what each of them does to keep their writing running on smoothly and clearly.

Sentence surgery

  • It’s clinic time. These butchered sentences need some medical attention to make them better again.

Very best VCOP

  • Award achievements with VCOP superhero stickers identifying the good points in pupils’ sentences.

Playing with words

  • Make VCOP fun with this board and dice game to revise and develop writing skills.