Visual timetable resources collection

What’s new for SEN teachers this week?

School day activity timetable (EAL)

  • Our ever popular KS2 timetable template can be amended to support learners of all ages. Created using Boardmaker Studio, the template contains common curricular areas, in English, Polish and Arabic
  • by Mayer-Johnson

Visual timetable caterpillar

  • Visual timetable, in the shape of a caterpillar, created using Widgit Symbols
  • by blue3

Editable visual timetable

  • An interactive visual timetable that includes hyperlinked slides and a constantly updating date and analogue clock section. This version uses clear illustrations rather than symbols.
  • by bevevans22

PCS work programme

  • A set of PCS symbols to use in your visual timetables.
  • by schoolofrock

Visual timetable and weather symbols

  • A comprehensive set of Widgit Symbols to use on a visual timetable, including symbols for weather
  • by jwinchester

Primary visual timetable

  • Editable visual timetable cards that use appropriate clip art. Uses Sassoon font.
  • by tea_belly

Widgit Symbols for visual timetables

  • A large set of black and white Widgit Symbols (54 in all) to print off and use for visual timetables. Includes nearly all subject areas and specialist therapies that could take place from Key stage 2 upwards
  • by bevevans22

Break time visual timetable

  • Simple idea, nicely presented on a spreadsheet.
  • by cazclark

Turtle timetable

  • A popular and unusual timetable containing lots of images of appealing clip art turtles engaging in school activities.
  • by cathyd

Photo card generator

  • A quick and easy way to generate printable photo cards. Includes sections for leisure and personal care - suitable for a schedule or timetable
  • by SNH

36 subject cards

  • Cards with clip art support in an easy to use format. Great for older pupils!
  • by ilovemarmite

Simple timetable cards

  • Narrow flash cards with clear text labels and, where possible, a small supporting photograph.
  • by schoolslinks

Small visual timetable cards

  • Clip art cards that are nicely bordered and have Comic Sans text. Totally editable.
  • by dimccann

Primary Widgit timetable

  • 72 coloured Widgit symbols to use on a visual timetable. 12 per A4 page
  • by Kirby Woods

Visual timetable with template

  • Nice printable template for small daily and weekly schedules. Includes Widgit symbols.
  • by Jayne Locke

A4 timetable template

  • Template for planning a weekly schedule with examples of how it could be used.
  • by lbrowne